Bobnet Seeks Retail Partners to Pioneer its New Standard for Retail Process Optimization and Business Scalability

Part of its global expansion strategy, Romanian Bobnet Group invites retail operators to join a €20M co-investment for its scalable disruptive automated retail chains

Bobnet, Romanian supplier of retail innovation hardware and software solutions, a venture startup financed by NCH Capital operating in Europe since 2018, is actively seeking investor retail partners to fuel its international expansion and usher in a new standard of optimization and automation in the industry.

With a commitment to revolutionizing the retail landscape, Bobnet aims to collaborate with visionary partners who share the company’s new standard for efficiency and customer experience, by inviting retail operators to join a €20M co-investment for its scalable disruptive automated retail chains.

Victor Popusoi, founder of Bobnet, stated, “Our mission is to redefine retail by merging technology and convenience. We are inviting retail partners who share our passion for innovation and our vision for a future where retail experiences are optimized and automation sets new benchmarks to join forces with us.”

Bobnet’s mission to revolutionize traditional retail into a modernized version is achieved through the company’s networks of Automated Retail Devices, tailored for a wide array of retail sectors, enabling the creation of efficient and expansive retail chains.

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By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology solutions within its powerful Chain Management System, Bobnet’s ambitious roadmap encompasses varied SuperConvenience retail solutions, such as:

  • Food & Retail Transformation: 3 million temperature-controlled and ambient delivery cell pairs
  • Pharmaceutical Retail 2.0: 100,000 automated pharmacies, equipped with state-of-the-art temperature control technology
  • Eco-Friendly Car Energy Innovations: 100,000 green autonomous automated car battery swap hubs
  • Tire Storage Innovation: 100,000 automated tire hotels are set to revolutionize tire storage and distribution
  • Revolutionizing Electronics Commerce: 50,000 automated electronics shops
  • Automated Dining Experience: 10,000 automated catering units and restaurants
  • Niche Retail Automation: Specialized retail chains dedicated to cosmetics and accessories

Moreover, Bobnet offers AI and Business Intelligence systems, such as the cutting-edge Chain Management System (Chain MS), to facilitate a comprehensive end-to-end business management with minimal human intervention.

By adopting Bobnet’s technology for the retail of the future, companies can expand their sales channels with innovative IoT devices, which help maintain operational presence 24/7, increase sales based on customer data insights, all while reducing significant operational costs.

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