AI: FutureAI Raises $2 Million to Develop Artificial General Intelligence

FutureAI, an early-stage deep technology startup, announced that it has raised $2 million in an initial funding round. The company is developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) that replicates facets of the true understanding common to all human beings.

“The fundamental shortcoming of current AI is its inability to understand the world around it,” said Charles J. Simon, founder and CEO of FutureAI. “This funding will allow us to pursue our mission of creating artificial general intelligence technology that understands like a human and serves as the foundation for various real-world applications of AI, from self-driving cars to fully automated customer service.”

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FutureAI will use the funding to expand its team and accelerate the development of its technology, including algorithms like the Universal Knowledge Store (UKS), which aggregates different types of information and creates connections between them, similar to the cognitive processes of human intelligence. Modeled in neurons, the UKS has biological plausibility and the ability to learn and function unsupervised the way children do.

“With artificial general intelligence, we can drastically improve how machines synthesize information, adapt to problems, and solve new ones,” Simon said. “Achieving AGI means arriving at an exciting new frontier that will revolutionize our lives for the better.”

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