Omdia: The Cloud Native Computing Market Is Expected to Triple by 2026

With the increased use of cloud services, application developers are building cloud native applications that exploit the scalability, flexibility and reliability of what the cloud offers. Cloud Native Computing (CNC) has become a competitive advantage for companies. According to the latest Omdia Cloud Native Computing Report, the dollar value of this market is expected to triple over 2021-2026.

CNC is the technology of choice for startups and new product and services launches that need internet scale, feature flexibility and resilience. Many enterprises are also re-architecting their legacy monolithic applications with native architecture to port them to the cloud and make optimum use of that environment,” said Michael Azoff, Omdia Chief Analyst, Cloud Native Computing Research. “This will help position companies for success in the fast-growing CNC marketplace.”

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“This will help position companies for success in the fast-growing CNC marketplace.”

Key takeaways from Omdia’s CNC research include:

  • Developers use containers for all types of software application architectures. Applications with hybrid (44%), microservices (40%), monolith (37%) and microlith (34%) architecture run in containers today, according to respondents to Omdia’s CNC survey.
  • The leaders in CNC infrastructure in North America are AWS (33%), Azure (28%), IBM (18%) and Oracle (11%), according to respondents to Omdia’s CNC survey.
  • WebAssembly (Wasm) is a growing development approach. Wasm is a relatively newcomer to the application development community. However, all of the major browsers support it. This technology can run a range of programming languages at native levels of performance. In Omdia’s CNC survey 38% of respondents have Wasm in development, 30% in production and 29% are exploring or piloting the technology.
  • Serverless computing offers developers a rapid ramp to deliver cloud-based applications. In China, Alibaba was the leader with 56%, followed by IBM (56%) and AWS (27%), according to respondents to Omdia’s CNC survey.

The Cloud Native Software Development research delivers comprehensive insight and analysis of the software ecosystem that enables application development using CNC with a focus on microservices, containers and Kubernetes.

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