2024 RevOps Trends Report: Steering Towards Efficient and Profitable Growth

BoostUp’s 2024 RevOps Trends Report, compiled from surveys with nearly 100 industry leaders and practitioners, offers critical insights into the shifting landscape of revenue operations. This report, conducted in late 2023, reflects the perspectives of RevOps and sales leaders (VP-level and above) and practitioners (analysts, ICs, directors).

Amit Sasturkar, CEO and co-founder of BoostUp, states, “As we move into 2024, this report will be a vital resource for RevOps. It captures the essence of how revenue operations are adapting to a landscape where efficient growth is a necessity. The insights leaders and practitioners shared will shed light on the challenges and priorities shaping RevOps strategies in 2024.”

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Key insights from the report include:

Budget Trends: Many leaders forecast 2024 operating budgets for SalesOps and RevOps to stay flat or decrease compared to 2023. This trend signals a need for cost optimization and smarter resource management.

Operational Challenges: Practitioners highlight issues like process alignment and data quality as significant hurdles, indicating a focus on improving operational effectiveness.

Strategic Priorities: Revenue Leaders will focus on cost optimization initiatives and resource efficiency. This includes exploring new channel partnerships, adapting and optimizing sales roles, and enhancing cross-functional collaboration, as opposed to prioritizing rapid headcount growth.

Metrics Focus: The most critical metrics to track, for both leaders and practitioners, are related to pipeline health: generation, coverage, and conversion. Revenue retention and expansion metrics come next.

The report provides a nuanced understanding of how RevOps teams are preparing for a year where efficient and profitable growth is more crucial than ever. It reflects a shift in strategic thinking, from rapid expansion to sustainable, efficient operations.

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