Talkwalker Launches Conversation Clusters, Accelerates Insight Discovery With Augmented Analytics Tool

Talkwalker Builds on Commanding Lead in AI Applications for Social Analytics With a New Visualization Tool That Uncovers and Maps Topics Visually From Millions of Social Media Conversations.

Talkwalker, the leading social listening and analytics company, announced the launch of Conversation Clusters, a data visualization tool that enables  marketers, PR professionals and consumer insight analysts to instantly uncover, understand and visualize the context around any topic at a glance.

The launch marks a significant development in the social listening and analytics space, enabling users to take full advantage of assisted data exploration with the help of augmented analytics. For the first time, the latest advances in machine learning research can be utilized at speed and scale for use cases such as trend research, content creation and consumer insights.

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Achieving industry-leading time-to-insight, Talkwalker’s data science team mastered high dimensional data reduction and streamlined processing power to display a map of complex connections within minutes. “Automated data segmentation holds massive revenue potential for enterprises. An analysis that would take weeks or months to build can now produce actionable results in minutes,” said Todd Grossman, Talkwalker CEO Americas.

Conversation Clusters is based on a powerful machine learning algorithm that groups results semantically. “Our algorithm first identifies relevant word patterns and topic structures in the results taken from our annotated database of billions of articles, and then plots them so that results with many similarities are shown close to each other,” said Dr Benedikt Wilbertz, Head of Data Science at Talkwalker. “Using a massively parallel infrastructure, we are able to analyze and represent tens of thousands of links and connections between data points in little more than one minute.”

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Talkwalker is one of very few companies that have the data science expertise and technical infrastructure to be able to run advanced computations for clients on this scale. Unlike many legacy solutions that rely on time consuming importing and exporting of data sets, Talkwalker provides access to a vast media, consumer and social database for analysis. Additionally, it has a user-friendly option to add and analyze custom data instantly, like call center, email, chat or survey data.

“Businesses need data to be able to answer ever more detailed questions that are tailored to their unique situation, whether it be on consumers, campaigns or brands. A contextual AI solution like Conversation Clusters enables users to train custom AI models using business-specific datasets – fast and easy, without the need for costly user training,” said Grossman. “We’re really excited for users to experience this next stage of social listening. It’s never been so easy to map hidden patterns within any topic to create trending content, find consumer insights or leverage the next big trends for content creation.”

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