Zeda.io Unveils Insights 2.0: The New AI Copilot Redefining Product Management

The new AI copilot is shaping the Voice of Customer insight into demonstrated product-led revenue

Zeda.io, the leading customer insights hub, announced the launch of Insights 2.0, the latest evolution in AI-driven tools designed to revolutionize how product leaders leverage customer feedback for revenue-driven product development.

Insights 2.0 by Zeda.io marks a significant leap forward in product management, offering a sophisticated AI Copilot that seamlessly transforms the voice of customers into actionable insights, driving revenue-focused product strategies. It helps product managers to capture centralize Voice of Customer (VoC) product feedback from multiple channels to uncover critical customer issues, and discover new product opportunities.

Zeda.io is focused on simplifying and elevating product management processes. Designed for B2B & SaaS businesses, Zeda.io is helping thousands of product managers discover the right customer problems to solve, guiding their next build decisions with AI, and shaping revenue-driving roadmaps.

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According to Zeda.io co-founder and CEO Prashant Mahajan, filtering critical insights from Voice of Customer (VoC) has become elusive for many product teams, buried beneath an overwhelming volume of scattered feedback:

“We’re seeing a lack of cohesive insight hampers decision-making, which leads to missed revenue opportunities and prolonged analysis cycles. Excessive time is spent analyzing user feedback, hindering product development, and closing the feedback loop has become increasingly challenging. The reality is that many products are not delivering on expected revenues. A product can hit many KPIs, but if it’s not hitting its revenue KPIs, it’s not successful.”

Insights 2.0 is bridging the gaps in product-led revenue by streamlining the capture and analysis of customer feedback to ease insight discovery. Key features include auto-capture of insights from Slack or Intercom, personalized insights for vital product areas, and real-time revenue impact analysis to deliver foresight in product planning. There are also improved filters for more options to slice and dice insights based on problem areas and feedback themes, enabling users to drill down into specific areas of interest with greater precision. The product roadmap also includes ready-to-deploy AI insights templates that cover customer issues to growth avenues.

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“With Insights 2.0, we aim to deepen the discovery process, automate as much of the operational tasks as possible, and make the platform more intuitive for capturing feedback and customer data,” said Mahajan. “AI and ML models need a significant amount of sample data to generate useful insights from feedback and customer data. By simplifying and automating this initial data input, we can help customers get value from Zeda.io faster. With Insight 2.0’s new features, we are confident that Zeda.io will continue to revolutionize product management, helping teams make informed decisions and drive impactful outcomes.”

The announcement of Insights 2.0 will be celebrated at the upcoming Product Cafe Offline event in San Francisco on the 14th March. Zeda.io will be hosting the brunch, with Dan Olsen of the Lean Product Meetup, and Marty Cagan, founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group in attendance.

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