The First One-Click AI-Powered Accessibility Solution Is Here

Cost-effective Shopify accessibility solution with personalized orientation for each store, standardized compliance to standards, and legal protection.

Accessibility Spark revolutionizes web accessibility by ensuring accessibility for all, made accessible to all. It is driven to achieve robust results with AI-powered technology by offering a personalized solution to Shopify stores.

The 2021 report by the WebAIM project at the Center for Persons with Disabilities in Utah state revealed that after evaluation of 1 million homepages, 98.1% of websites had detectable WCAG2 failure. With the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) working on the draft of WCAG 2.2 which is scheduled to be finalized by September 2022, Accessibility Spark emerges as a cost-effective, AI-powered Shopify accessibility solution, which supports adherence to updated ADA and WCAG regulations. It provides personalized orientation for each user and web accessibility possible for all businesses.

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Web accessibility lawsuits have increased in almost every industry, targeting businesses of all sizes. Accessibility Spark supports Shopify store’s compliance with an in-depth scanning of four key principles of accessibility, as per the WCAG 2.1.

‘Accessibility Spark strives to see a more inclusive world and we believe in taking the first conscious step. After analyzing the disparity between the number of Shopify stores seeking accessibility compliance and the number of compliant websites, it was clear that we need to offer the missing link that is stopping Shopify stores from creating accessibility-compliant websites. Accessibility Spark was created with the vision to offer an affordable, certified, and customizable tool to every business.’ Says the Founder of Accessibility Spark.

As per WCAG 2.1, every website must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust for all users, regardless of their disability or the level of their impairment.

The information and UI components must be understandable in clear and multiple ways, perceivable to users through their sense of sight, touch, and hearing. Accessibility Spark automatically adapts Shopify stores to fit these guidelines with multiple adjustments. Accessibility Spark’s AI-powered technology handles keyboard navigation for multiple disabilities by matching the behavior, style, and structure of your website’s elements to millions of past experiences, to learn their functionality and provide keyboard navigation and operational functionality to each of them. It promotes the use of text alternatives such as large print, braille, speech, symbols, or simpler language for non-text content, captions and other alternatives for multimedia, alternatives for time-based media, separating foreground from background, without disrupting the design of your Shopify store.

The user interface components should not require forms of interaction that a user can not perform. Hence, the operability needs to include more than one way to provide access to navigate the interface. According to the WCAG guidelines, all functionality should be available from a keyboard, users should have sufficient time to read and use the content, seizure-inducing designs need to be avoided, and navigation should be available through the mouse or touchpad and keyboard or voice command software. Accessibility Spark caters to multiple disabilities and thus increases the inclusivity of all the visitors. The AI-Powered UX is inclusive, customizable, compatible, accessible, and standardized. It has wide functionality with multi-sensory adaptation with recurring adjustments and compatibility for all Shopify stores. Accessibility Spark’s Shopify application is a cost-efficient accessibility solution that offers transparent pricing, free trials, and prompt installation along with round-the-clock monitoring of all the accessibility elements.

Users need to be able to grasp the information provided and understand the operation of the user interface. The text content needs to be easy to read and understand. The appearance and operation of the web pages should be predictable and should help users avoid, locate, and correct mistakes easily. Accessibility Spark provides 100+ accessibility adjustments like invert colors, pause animations, text size, tooltip, text spacing, page structure, color desaturation, accessible fonts, reading guide, dark and light contrast, and highlight links amongst others. The wide functionality enables every individual to access the website with ease.

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The access and consumption of content for all users should operate consistently and uniformly with the reliability of interpretation for users accessing the webpage through various user agents like assistive technologies and software. The website should be compatible with current and future user tools, including both the hardware and software. The automated AI Technology of Accessibility Spark handles constant monitoring of the website, ensuring consistent compliance support with the guidelines, providing necessary legal recommendations, and thus protecting Shopify stores against legal violations and largely reducing the risk of lawsuits. Accessibility Spark gives an accessibility statement and certification of performance, which helps with an increased probability of higher ranking on search engines.

Accessibility Spark is an AI-Powered accessibility solution that supports the ADA and WCAG compliance of eCommerce stores. Accessibility Spark scans and analyzes the website within 48 hours, identifying all the accessibility issues and adjusting them according to the ADA & WCAG guidelines. It also conducts daily automatic scans to ensure that adherence to the guidelines is maintained as new content gets added. With its AI-powered customizable interface, Accessibility Spark adapts to the design of the website and provides a personalized orientation for each user with different disabilities, creating the option to choose from the web profile most suitable for individual needs.

Compliance with the standards of web accessibility not only protects the business organizations against lawsuits but works as an accessibility statement that leads to enhanced customer experience that eventually leads to better ROI (Return on investment). Accessibility helps businesses to widen their market reach and to get more favorable engagements from consumers without alienating any user base. Accessibility Spark promotes usability and provides equal access to everyone and, at the same time, fulfills corporate social responsibility creating a positive brand image among the consumers and an overall rise in operational efficiency of the website.

Accessibility Spark emerges as a tool powered by AI and driven by humane values. It offers inclusivity for all in the truest sense by taking conscious steps toward creating a more accessible e-commerce space. Accessibility Spark believes an accessible website is everyone’s right and hence, providing a top-tier accessibility solution is its responsibility.

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