Ternary Launches AI-Powered Predictive Capabilities, Improved Multi-Cloud Support and “Ternary Self-Hosted” to Help Enterprises Tame Cloud Spending

Ternary, the leading multi-cloud spend management platform, announced new AI-powered predictive capabilities that allow users to fine-tune the variables used by AI to meet the specific needs of their business. Ternary also announced improved AWS and Azure support as enterprise usage of multiple cloud providers continues to grow. In addition, the company introduced “Ternary Self-Hosted” for customers requiring an isolated instance of the Ternary platform running in their public cloud environment. Critical infrastructure industries such as financial services, technology, military, and government can now meet regulatory compliance, security, and data accessibility requirements with Ternary Self-Hosted.

“Cloud spending is now a top expense category for many enterprises. The complexity of understanding AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud bills is a brick wall preventing finance and engineering teams from collaborating to reduce cloud costs,” said Sasha Kipervarg, CEO of Ternary. “Instead of flying blind into the cloud, Ternary empowers finance and cloud engineering teams to manage cloud spending with the financial discipline applied to other significant expenses. Customers are integrating Ternary with their general ledger and other financial systems, telling us that for the first time, cloud spending and cost reduction are relevant to the entire business.”

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AI-Powered, Human-Tuneable Predictive Capabilities:

The Ternary platform – available as a SaaS product or as Ternary Self-Hosted – benefits from advanced AI-powered predictive capabilities which allow users to fine-tune the variables used to meet the specific needs of their business. These include recommendations for cost reductions, anomaly detection, and alerts. This fine-tuning improves results provided using AI to reduce the risk of false positives and wasted effort. Using AI for visibility and insights, automated actions, and collaborative workflows minimizes the risk of missing cost issues and accelerates the identification and resolution of cloud cost issues with recommendations for reducing waste.

Enterprise Readiness:

New features for enterprise readiness include fiscal calendar management, chargebacks, custom pricing support throughout the platform, improved data retention, and stricter access controls. In addition, the Ternary platform, including the Ternary Reporting Engine, now supports the scalability and performance requirements of enterprise customers who use Ternary to manage billions of dollars in spending for public cloud services across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Multi-Cloud Support:

Forrester states that among US enterprise infrastructure decision-makers, 94 percent are using at least one type of cloud deployment — with a majority being hybrid or multi-cloud. To meet increased demand for multi-cloud spend management capabilities, Ternary now ingests and normalizes billions of dollars in cloud billing data from AWS, Azure, and GCP.  Stakeholders across the enterprise use the combined actuals provided by Ternary as a multi-cloud spend ledger; a single source of truth for all cloud spending. Ternary customers using AWS, Azure, or GCP are now able to use the following features:

  • Committed use analysis and optimizations
  • AI-powered, human-tunable recommendations, anomaly detection, and alerts
  • Budgets, forecasts, showbacks or chargebacks with fiscal calendaring
  • Collaborative workflows for spend planning and cost savings
  • Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and scalability
  • Kubernetes insights and recommendations
  • Database insights and recommendations
  • Compute insights and recommendations
  • Storage insights and recommendations
  • Multi-cloud multi-vendor cost comparisons

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