Talkmap Unveils Talkdiscovery Version 8.3, Revolutionizing Contact Center CX with Advanced LLM Accuracy and Performance to Agent Desktops

Talkmap, the leading generative AI platform for contact center Conversational Intelligence used by some of the largest mobile service providers and financial services institutions, is thrilled to announce the release of version 8.3 of the Talkdiscovery platform. Talkdiscovery 8.3 revolutionizes the way businesses understand and engage with their customers, providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline operations.

Based on two years of research and feedback from customers, Talkmap has updated its patented self-supervised generative AI platform to improve the quality of enriched conversations as a data source and to set the stage for a future release in 2024 that will allow contact center managers and data scientists to create or utilize a library of customizable generative AI tasks. In this 8.3 release, customers can immediately take advantage of the improved generative AI platform features including Conversation Summaries and Contact Intents.

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Contact Intents is a new conversation level data attribute that gets generated for each conversation. While the concept of a conversation level goal has been part of our underlying conversation model from the beginning, the 8.3 release enables it to be a stand-alone data attribute that identifies the main theme (e.g. the true driver) of the interaction with the contact center.  This innovation is a game-changer versus other approaches because for the first time ever, enterprises now have transformational, real-time visibility into their customers, including the ‘silent majority’ of core customers who don’t engage with VOC or other survey attempts.  While the platform still identifies all turn-level customer intents (the ‘agent+customer interactions’), this new attribute provides better accuracy than the previous method, including a high-level view of how customer intents change over time.

While Conversation Summaries have been supported by the Talkdiscovery platform for several years, our customers wanted them at a quality level the marketplace had never seen, so we developed it. Our research team built an evaluation framework that solves the challenges of existing summary benchmarks, which do not address the specific needs of conversation summaries in a contact center context. We used this evaluation framework to select the right generative AI LLM, tune the prompts, and evaluate the outputs. Talkmap’s ongoing development efforts will continue to refine the framework and the Conversation Summary output as LLMs continue to improve in quality, size, and efficiency. Conversation Summaries will ultimately become part of a “task library” in a future release that will allow customers to further refine and customize summaries to their specific needs.

“At the end of the day, Talkmap exists to make it easier for contact center leaders, managers, data scientists, product owners, and marketers to do their jobs. It’s been rewarding to see how our customers have used this rich data source to accelerate time to value and to have the insights they need to make more important decisions faster and in a more qualitative manner. Long gone are the days for our customers where they have to search for and listen to calls or read transcripts to find, validate, or guess at quantification of singular opportunities, one at a time…they now have ongoing, real-time visibility across all call drivers via an accurate, quantified visualization of 100% of their organization’s conversations, where they can quickly drill into any specific topics for summarized, granular-level details and analysis.  I’m really excited to see how customers will be able to go even faster and deliver significant financial benefits with some of the new generative AI co-pilot and agent features we’re adding to future releases. All the patterns of how customers buy, are satisfied, and leave are there in the data. It’s an untapped gold mine of information for companies and I can’t wait to see it get unlocked,” said Jonathan Eisenzopf, Founder & Chief Strategy/Research Officer.

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“We are excited to unveil Talkdiscovery 8.3 which represents a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to empower businesses with real-time, actionable insights derived from the single-most valuable untapped asset in every organization…conversations with their customers…about things so important, they stopped their busy lives to contact them,” said Myron Prevatt, Chief Product Officer at Talkmap. “Our customers are already achieving transformational value from the Talkmap platform, including increased revenue, reduced costs, and improvements in their customer experience that will continue to fuel growth and reduce attrition. The enhancements introduced in this release underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value and efficiency to our customers.”

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