SettleMint Launches ‘AI Genie’ to Help Engineers Accelerate Blockchain Transformation

The AI assistant can be used for smart contract creation, systems integrations, QA & testing, helping enterprise engineers to solve the blockchain skills gap.

SettleMint, the Blockchain Transformation Platform, announced the launch of its AI Genie, an AI assistant that empowers engineers to accelerate blockchain transformation within enterprises by giving them tools to fill the blockchain skills gap.

The newly embedded AI feature within the SettleMint platform enables engineers to create smart contracts, integrate data and enhance quality assurance (QA) testing, even if the engineer doesn’t know Solidity or other smart contract languages already.

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“Our mission has always been to make blockchain development easier for enterprise engineers and the AI Genie is the latest example of us fulfilling this promise.”

— Matthew Van Niekerk, Co-founder & CEO at SettleMint

“The use of AI and blockchain is a hot topic right now but SettleMint is the only platform that is using AI to empower engineers in their attempts to accelerate blockchain transformation. Our mission has always been to make blockchain development easier for enterprise engineers and the AI Genie is the latest example of us fulfilling this promise,” said Matthew Van Niekerk, Co-founder & CEO at SettleMint.

SettleMint’s AI Genie strengthens an engineer’s ability to drive blockchain transformation by meeting the demand for blockchain skills that increased by 552% in 2022 and filling the gaps that exist because only 1% of professional developers have done extensive work in Solidity.

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It can be accessed from within SettleMint’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and used by engineers to create smart contracts, even if they have no prior experience in doing so. Using prompts to direct the AI Genie, engineers will see smart contracts being drafted automatically and be able to ask the AI Genie for support in understanding what it creates.

Once the smart contracts are written, the Genie can be used to enhance quality assurance and run tests on them, in order to identify and remove potential vulnerabilities. In addition, AI capabilities have been introduced into SettleMint’s Integration Studio, as a ChatGPT node that supports any data, process or system integration flow users may require.

“SettleMint’s AI Genie dramatically improves efficiency when it comes to creating secure smart contracts for any blockchain application. While beginners can use it to draft smart contracts, gather best practice insights and understand complex concepts, experienced developers can use it to identify and resolve issues faster, making smart contracts more reliable and error-free,” said Roderik van der Veer, Co-founder & CTO at SettleMint.

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