Salesloft Introduces New AI-Powered Buyer Signal-Based Selling Capabilities

New capabilities capture and prioritize actions based on buyer signals from Drift and customers’ proprietary data; uses generative AI to turn any signal into seller action

Salesloft, provider of the only Revenue Orchestration Platform that prioritizes, automates, and recommends actions to help revenue teams close more business, today announced new AI-powered signal-based selling capabilities. With these new capabilities, Salesloft can now ingest recommended content from Drift, customers’ own systems, and third-party systems to deliver a more tailored end-customer buying experience. The breadth and depth of these signals help customers drive a more holistic and effective go-to-market motion.

“Salesloft Rhythm has been capturing signals from across our partner ecosystem and prioritizing actions for sellers since its launch in June 2023. These new AI capabilities give our customers the ability to act on the buyers’ digital footprint, not just with the signal but with recommended content that comes along with the signal. This helps customers deliver a more targeted and relevant buyer experience.,” said Ellie Fields, chief product and engineering officer at Salesloft. “In addition, we’ve seen a lot of excitement over customers’ ability to connect to proprietary data to create custom workflows, such as using signals from business intelligence apps to trigger upsell and cross-sell workflows. Salesloft is the only provider who can orchestrate signals to insights, insights to action, and actions to outcomes across a customer’s entire revenue tech stack – and all from a single platform.”

Examples of buyer signals coming from the partner ecosystem include buyer intent signals from G2 and engagement with content through Highspot or Seismic. Signals generated by first-party data coming from Drift include web page views, video views, and chatbot conversations, while custom API signals are unique to a customer’s business, product, and sales process. For example, an account manager could be alerted to a customer account reaching license capacity, triggering a signal to drive an action.

Once buyer signals are captured, they are analyzed and prioritized as actions in a seller’s workflow by Salesloft Conductor AI. Salesloft makes it easy for sellers to act on them by automatically creating individualized follow-ups based on each buyer’s activities and interests, role, and company. In addition, with AI-generated emails in Cadences, Salesloft creates bespoke emails, making each interaction with buyers relevant and personal while reducing the time a seller needs to spend manually personalizing the correspondence.

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Unlocking buyer intent and activating signal-based selling with Drift Rhythm Plays

With Salesloft’s acquisition of Drift in February, revenue teams now have enhanced visibility into the buyer journey, powered by more proprietary customer website data than any other Revenue Orchestration Platform and enabling sellers to reach buyers earlier and better understand their needs.

When high-intent leads or anonymous visitors from high-intent accounts interact with Drift Bionic Chatbots or any Drift-enabled website or email content, the following play is set into motion:

  • Engagement data and insights are analyzed by Conductor AI and prioritized as an action in the Rhythm workflow
  • Information about when a chat happened and what was discussed is surfaced, helping revenue teams understand what matters to their prospects
  • A generative AI driven pre-populated email appears directly in the seller’s workflow, enabling individualized messaging and saving valuable time for sellers.

Full details of today’s announcement are available in Salesloft’s Innovation Center.

Salesloft ecosystem partners reinforce customer benefits of buyer signals powered by Rhythm integration

Rhythm is the only workflow engine that connects to an expansive ecosystem, and it’s these same partner integrations that are key to unlocking the greatest insights, actions and outcomes from the Rhythm workflow.

“Seismic and Salesloft is a winning combo, especially with our Rhythm integration,” said Joey Vendel, AVP Sales Development at Seismic. “Now, you can send content as well as receive notice of when and how that content was engaged without ever leaving the Salesloft platform. Joint customers can then take the right action at the right time to engage with their accounts. This fusion of technology is changing sales.”

“G2 buyer Intent signals provide sellers with relevant context about their buyers’ behaviors so they can take action to build stronger engagement with a buying group at the right time, every time,” said Todd Detmold, Senior Director of Product Management at G2. “With this integration, Salesloft and G2 mutual customers are able to tap into the intelligence of G2 data and take prescriptive action in the Rhythm workflow through the collective value of our partnership.”

“Highspot users can now view engagement with content right within their Rhythm workflow, prioritized by activities that will drive the biggest results,” said Mark Sheridan, VP of Business Development & Alliances at Highspot. “Together, with Salesloft, we are transforming the way sellers communicate and engage based on signals that tell them who to reach out to and when.”

“Signal-based selling is the future of outbound, but signals without action are just noise,” said Christian Kletzl, CEO of UserGems. “We have to automate and prioritize to help sellers know who to target, when, and what to say. That’s why we integrated with Salesloft Rhythm to help our customers respond to the most valuable buying signals – job changes of their customers and prospects – with the right message at the right time. We are excited to continue to define and build the next generation of sales technology with Salesloft. ”

“Now Salesloft and LeanData users can create plays using intent signals from LeanData to automatically prompt sellers to follow up on buyer activity or priority signals when it matters most,” said Hendrick Lee, Chief Product Officer of LeanData.  “We are excited to team up with Salesloft and deliver this exceptional value to our joint users through their AI-powered Rhythm engine.”

“Video messages and tailored video content are changing the way sellers and buyers exchange information in the digital world. High engagement in that content is a powerful signal of buyer intent,” said Johnathan Lister, Chief Operating Officer at Vidyard. “We’re thrilled to partner with Salesloft on their AI-powered Rhythm workflow to turn these signals into recommended actions that help sellers prioritize their activities on accounts that are most likely to close.”

“There’s no better way to deliver exceptional customer experiences than with Reachdesk and Salesloft,” said Alex Olley, CRO and Co-founder of Reachdesk. “With the Salesloft Rhythm integration, we’re helping sellers strike when the iron’s hot to push deals forward the moment a gift is claimed or delivered. Signal-based selling is how our customers will differentiate, and we’re excited to be on the frontlines of innovation alongside Salesloft.”

“Salesloft Rhythm, with its AI-driven automation and integrated workflow, pairs seamlessly with the Equilar Executive Transition Signal,” said David Chun, CEO & Founder of Equilar. “This integration empowers users to strategically target top-tier decision makers at the most opportune moments, amplifying the effectiveness of their outreach efforts and adding significant value to their sales processes.”

“Showpad and Salesloft Rhythm together empower sellers to deliver meaningful value to their buyers in a way we haven’t seen before,” said Ed Major, Senior Manager, Global Partnerships at Showpad. “We’re simultaneously arming sellers with effective content and focusing them on interested buyers so they can spend their energy where it matters most. We’re excited to uplevel our customers’ enablement strategies with first-of-its kind ecosystem workflows from Salesloft.”

“Salesloft Rhythm offers a great way for sellers to prioritize accounts based on multiple signals,” said Sridhar Ranganathan, CEO of B2Brain. “B2Brain account intent signals enable customers to focus on the right accounts based on company initiatives, deals, partnerships and M&A activity. We are live on the Salesloft Marketplace and we’re excited for all the possibilities this opens up for our common customers.”

“We integrated with Salesloft Rhythm because we want to make it easier for buyers to buy. Not only are sellers alerted to real-time activity in their digital sales room, but they also have the content and context to take the right next step – all from Salesloft,” said Rory Sadler, CEO & Co-Founder of trumpet. “Combining trumpet’s personalized, collaborative digital sales rooms with Salesloft’s AI-powered workflows is a win-win for our customers and the buyers they serve.”

“Supercadence by Influ2 helps sales reps cut through the noise with targeted ads that reach specific prospects across all major social networks,” said Den Kozlov, Vice President of Growth at Influ2. “We’re excited to partner with Salesloft to integrate these signals into Rhythm, where its powerful AI prioritization engine highlights the warm leads for reps to reach out to. As a result, our combined customers are seeing higher bookings. Now, both the ads and the reps can connect with the right people at the right time.”

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