Pipedrive announces Pipedrive AI, a suite of GenAI-powered tools to help small businesses grow

Powered by GenAI and predictive capabilities, Pipedrive AI helps teams to make smarter decisions, save time and be more efficient in their sales journey.

  • 53% of customers say identifying patterns of success is their biggest struggle

  • Small businesses often lack the expertise and time to analyze sales data, leading to missed opportunities and inefficient processes

  • Pipedrive Sales Assistant is one of the most used tools by customers. Now with AI-powered predictive capabilities, it helps customers with better sales insights and recommends high-win chance deals to focus on.

Pipedrive, the easy and effective sales CRM for small businesses, is launching Pipedrive AI, a broad range of AI tools powered by OpenAI and internally developed AI software engines. The new product suite aims to take the manual work out of sales, simplify communication and effortlessly close more deals. The suite consists of five smart features that help save time, improve performance and make smarter decisions for managing the sales workflow.

Pipedrive’s new suite of AI-powered features:

AI-powered Sales Assistant helps sales professionals identify sales patterns and make decisions on deals with a high probability of success (available on Professional and higher plans).

  • Boosts efficiency by saving time, identifying patterns and recommending high-potential deals and next actions to prioritize;
  • Provides actionable insights and streamlines processes with intelligent automation, focusing on what matters most (recommendations to send emails, setting up meetings, scheduling calls and other actions).

Write my email using AI, powered by OpenAI (available on Professional and higher plans). Based on Pipedrive’s beta testing, it takes a median of 44 seconds to send an AI-generated email compared to a median of 9 minutes writing one without Pipedrive’s AI solution.

  • Enables the user to create compelling sales emails with customized prompts and other user-defined criteria at the click of a button;
  • Includes the possibility to choose the type of email content, tone of email content (professional, friendly, standard) and length of email (short, standard, long);
  • Helps the user overcome “writer’s block” and personalize emails at scale.

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AI email summarization, powered by OpenAI (available on Professional and higher plans) and currently available in Beta.

  • Enables the user to summarize email conversations at the click of a button, understand the email threads’ general sentiment and the customer’s readiness to close the deal;
  • Enables sales professionals to efficiently navigate email chains, produce impactful content and maintain meaningful connections with customers with minimal effort;
  • Saves time, improves clarity and helps the user focus throughout the workday.

AI smart app recommendations to get ideas for the most relevant and best-in-class apps designed to help boost revenue (available on all plans).

  • Recommends only the most relevant and best-in-class apps to boost efficiency and automate the revenue pipeline;
  • Based on apps already used by the company, apps used by similar companies and recommendations for improving revenue streams, the AI-powered search recommends a set of possible solutions.

AI-powered Marketplace search with natural language search to find integrations that solve customers’ business problems, powered by OpenAI (available on all plans).

  • By using natural language, customers can find relevant integrations faster to solve their business needs or challenges;
  • Decreases the number of empty search results by lowering the keyword threshold;
  • Doesn’t require specific knowledge of the service they’re looking for, making finding the right business solutions easier and faster.

“Pipedrive is delivering on our goal to offer easy and effective AI features to help small businesses solve critical business challenges, improve their processes and grow revenue. These capabilities empower sales teams to make better use of their time and focus, allowing them to place greater emphasis on every customer interaction and boost performance. Customer obsession drives innovation at Pipedrive and our goal is to offer solutions that cater to the real needs of sales professionals. Pipedrive AI encapsulates the most important benefits for our customers and we are committed to developing them further. Our team is already testing the next suite of multiple features we’re aiming to launch later this year,” said Shaun Shirazian, CPO at Pipedrive.

“We chose Pipedrive for its exceptional customizability, which has transformed our sales process by streamlining data entry and enhancing our reporting capabilities. With Pipedrive’s new AI-powered features, like ‘Write my email’ and ‘AI email summarization,’ we have seen new benefits for the company. I work with large enterprise sales, meaning deals can take a long time and email threads pile up. These tools not only enable us to create messages or offer quick insights into long email threads but also suggest actionable next steps and help assess the sentiment of our communications, significantly saving time and enhancing our decision-making process,” said Oliver Elm, International Sales Consultant at Mazepay, an intuitive global platform for simplifying corporate long-tail procurement processes and payments.

Pipedrive AI features have been in beta testing phases with over 70,000 customers and are now available for all users. Pipedrive is committed to building and delivering AI-powered solutions safely and responsibly, taking into account all privacy and security-related industry standards. Pipedrive doesn’t permit third parties to use client data to improve or train AI models, nor does it use client data to improve or train AI models without permission.

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