Outboundly Launches AI-powered Platform to Revolutionize Sales Prospecting

Advanced personalization and six unique modes enable users to save time, enhance networking, and increase response rates

Outboundly, an AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize sales prospecting is pleased to announce its official launch.

By leveraging advanced AI technologies such as ChatGPT, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms, Outboundly analyzes LinkedIn profiles and generates highly personalized cold outreach messages in just one click.

Personalization has become crucial for establishing meaningful connections and driving business growth, and Outboundly is poised to disrupt the traditional cold outreach landscape. Outboundly’s Chrome extension integrates directly with LinkedIn, adding a “Generate” button within the messaging interface for quick and effortless message creation.

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With six unique modes, including General, Pitch, Template, Connection Request, Recruiter, Custom, and Brainstorm, users can tailor their approach to suit any professional context or goal.

By leveraging Outboundly’s advanced AI technologies, users can craft personalized messages that appeal to the recipient’s interests and professional background. This personalization significantly increases the likelihood of receiving a positive response.

The platform’s one-click message generation saves users countless hours of manual research and message customization. With this extra time, users can focus on what matters most – building relationships and growing their business.

Enhanced networking is another significant benefit of Outboundly. The advanced personalization capabilities not only increase the chances of securing new connections but also foster stronger, more meaningful relationships with prospects.

Outboundly’s Custom and Brainstorm modes offer the flexibility to craft unique messages while still benefiting from AI-generated insights and personalization. This allows users to tailor their approach to suit any professional context or goal.

“We are thrilled to introduce Outboundly, a platform that we believe will revolutionize the way professionals approach cold outreach on LinkedIn,” says Miguel Dey, CEO and Co-Founder of Outboundly. “By harnessing the power of AI and advanced personalization, we are making it easier than ever for users to connect with their target audience, build strong relationships, and drive business growth.”

The platform has recently been selected for the 1871 AI Innovation Lab Cohort of 2023. The program, led by non-profit global innovation hub 1871, aims to accelerate growth and foster meaningful connections for startups, growth scalers, and corporate innovators in the AI and machine learning space. The cohort members will participate in a 4-week hybrid program, culminating in the AI Innovation Summit on June 29, 2023, showcasing AI and ML tech innovation.

Outboundly is now available for users worldwide, and those interested can visit the website to learn more about Outboundly and experience the power of AI-driven personalization firsthand.

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