New AI Sales Agent Matches the Output of 100 Salespeople at Fractional Cost

The US-based enterprise AI organization, Lyzr, has recently launched Jazon, the world’s first downloadable AI SDR, to transform sales.

In today’s business landscape, efficiency and innovation are paramount. Sales teams across industries are constantly seeking ways to improve their outreach strategies and conversion rates. However, managing large volumes of leads, ensuring consistent follow-ups, and effectively booking meetings are challenges that often hinder a sales team’s performance and scalability.

We wanted to show the world what’s possible to build on Lyzr Agent Framework. You can deploy multiple AI workers & our AgentMesh technology enables them to learn from one another and get smarter.”

— Siva Surendira

But now, Jazon by Lyzr, the world’s first downloadable AI Sales Development Representative (SDR), promises to help simplify this critical business function, by automating manual tasks, allowing sales teams to focus on more important conversations.

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The US-based enterprise AI organization, Lyzr, has recently launched Jazon, the world’s first downloadable AI Sales Development Representative (SDR), to transform sales outreach. As an autonomous agent, Jazon leverages advanced AI to automate and personalize interactions with prospects, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams across industries.

Jazon could very well indicate a significant leap forward in sales automation. By analyzing vast amounts of data and learning from every interaction, Jazon can continuously optimize its outreach approach to maximize customer conversion.

What sets Jazon apart is its proprietary “AgentMesh” technology built by Lyzr’s AI research engineers. Below the hood, Jazon is powered by multiple specialized AI agents that exchange intelligence among themselves to automate the sales development process from end-to-end. Jazon can be enabled to pursue business goals of lead generation and is even capable of empathetic follow-ups and setting up meetings, sounding almost human-like.

This allows the sales team of any organization to delegate the tedious task of manual research and follow-up so that sales agents can spend more time speaking to customers for conversions.

Jazon addresses key pain points for sales teams by automating routine tasks and interactions. With Jazon, businesses can ensure:

• Persistent Lead Engagement: Jazon’s AI-powered capabilities allow it to engage leads with up to seven follow-ups, tirelessly working until a meeting is booked or the lead opts out.

• Enhanced Productivity: By automating the initial stages of lead interaction, sales professionals can focus on more strategic tasks and close deals rather than managing numerous follow-ups.

• Minimal Burden of Adding Resources: Jazon can handle an increasing volume of leads without additional resources, ensuring that your capacity scales with your business growth, but does not pile up the expenses.

Jazon runs locally on the organization’s cloud server ensuring 100% data privacy of their customer data and compliance with all leading security frameworks like SOC2, GDPR and more.

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What can Jazon do?

Sales teams can experience significant improvements in lead conversion rates, reduced workload, and higher overall efficiency. Here are a few examples of use-cases and what can be achieved with Jazon:

• Research About Prospects: Jazon utilizes advanced AI algorithms to gather and analyze data on potential clients from various sources. This enables it to understand the needs and behaviors of prospects, helping sales teams tailor their approach effectively.

• Compose Hyper-personalized Emails: Leveraging its research, Jazon can draft emails that are highly personalized, addressing the specific concerns and interests of each prospect. This increases the chances of engagement and response.

• Autonomous Follow-ups: Jazon can autonomously send follow-up messages based on the prospect’s previous interaction. This ensures consistent engagement without manual intervention, increasing the likelihood of converting leads.

• Answer Customer Queries: With access to company data and the ability to understand natural language, Jazon can respond to customer inquiries in real-time, providing accurate information and maintaining engagement throughout the sales funnel.

• Book Meetings for AEs: Jazon can schedule meetings directly with prospects by integrating with calendar tools. This streamlines the process of moving from lead engagement to actual sales discussions, where your sales team can finally take over!

Companies that have enabled Jazon for their sales function, have reported a reduction in their sales development costs while accelerating pipeline generation.

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