Milagro Offers Restaurateurs Competitive Edge in a Sector Hit Hard by Economic Downturn

With an estimated 20% of diners cutting spending due to inflation, Restauranteurs are seeking ways to win customers over their competitors. Milagro, a leader in AI powered marketing automation platforms, empowers restaurant owners to offer relevant and highly personalized messages to customers resulting in increased sales and profits.

Utilizing their proprietary Customer Data Platform (CDP), Restauranteurs can capture data from all touch points and interactions allowing them to not only collect data but define customer behavior. This data helps restaurants identify their most profitable customers and promotions, the exact ROI on marketing campaigns, segment their customer base for future campaigns, offer product recommendations based on previous purchases and retarget customers to increase average check and visit frequency.

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“We have found many Restauranteurs frustrated with their marketing efforts and tech stack because they gather a bunch of data but do not truly understand how to monetize that data to make decisions that increase revenue and reduce costs,” noted Hamed Mazrouei, CEO for Milagro. “Much like a well-tailored suit, Milagro’s team works with restaurants to implement a CDP and then train their team to ensure a perfect fit that ends with tangible results. Our program provides information that is automated, accessible, and most importantly actionable.”

In a time when there is limited customer spending, finding a way to stand out is crucial to success. Customers are looking for both a quality product and a quality experience. Comprehensive customer profiles and behavioral data allows the restaurant to offer personalized recommendations based on customers’ behavior. When they receive customized messaging and personalized interaction from the waitstaff, it creates a memorable experience they want to repeat.

Milagro’s CDP platform provides Restauranteurs with first-party data, collected from their customers, that they own and control in response to the limitation of third-party cookies by Apple, as well as 3rd party delivery systems, and increasing data privacy policies.

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