Kojo Launches AI-Powered Kojo Intelligence Layer To Improve End-to-End Materials Procurement Process for Contractors

Massive new data set enables contractors to make smarter decisions about what to buy and from whom

Kojo, the construction industry’s leading materials and inventory management platform, announced the launch of its AI-powered Kojo Intelligence Layer. The new tool provides valuable analysis and insight, which is a quantum leap forward in the end-to-end materials procurement process, enabling contractors to make better decisions about which materials to buy and who to buy them from.

Using state-of-the-art technologies like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Hugging Face transformer models, along with comprehensive statistical and machine learning methods, the Kojo Intelligence Layer helps contractors efficiently find project-appropriate materials at optimal prices. By leveraging this vast amount of intelligent data – something that is not found with any other materials management company – Kojo simplifies the complex task of material sourcing, saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing project outcomes.

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“Materials are up to 40% of construction budgets but until now, contractors lacked the data they needed to make fast and informed sourcing decisions,” said Maria Davidson, CEO and founder of Kojo. “By adding this AI-powered layer to our platform, we’ve simplified materials sourcing for contractors by helping them answer questions like who has what they need in stock now, how much they’ve paid for an item in the past, and how much of an item did they buy last year, driving smarter decisions. The Kojo Intelligence Layer takes our platform to the next level, allowing contractors to make informed decisions about sourcing the right materials at the right time for the right price.”

To date Kojo has powered over 10,000 projects, saved customers more than $22 million on materials orders, helped them cut 90% of the job waste, and reduced manual data entry for their teams by 75%. 14,000 construction professionals have used Kojo across 47 states to manage projects including hospitals, schools, housing developments, and solar plants.

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