Invoca Pioneers a New Era of CX, Transforming Contact Centers with Real-Time Data that Enables Agents to Get Right to the Point

Breakthrough PreSense product fuels contact centers with real-time data for unmatched customer experiences, faster resolutions, and heightened satisfaction. Customers enjoy improved interactions, while consumer brands benefit from swift conversations and increased revenue.

Invoca, a recognized leader in conversation intelligence AI, broadens its innovative PreSense product for modern contact centers to connect with Five9, NICE inContact, Genesys, Salesforce, Amazon Connect, and others. PreSense surfaces real-time insights from customers’ digital journeys to contact centers so they can offer efficient, personalized, and proactive support right from the start. With PreSense, contact centers receive pre-call digital journey data, such as search keywords, support articles viewed, and online ads clicked for consumers that call after visiting the company’s website. By surfacing caller insights in a screen pop, agents can provide tailored and efficient service that reduces time-to-resolution and boosts conversion rates. PreSense also optimizes call routing, ensuring that customers are connected to the most appropriate agent based on their specific intent, leading to shorter calls, fewer transfers, and improved customer satisfaction. Armed with real-time intent data, brands can save millions in operational expenses — a crucial advantage amid a challenging economic climate.

Contact center experiences are riddled with inefficiencies and customer frustration

Consumer expectations have evolved with a strong preference for digital transactions and self-directed online account management and support. Consumers are already frustrated when they reach out to a contact center because they were unable to accomplish their task independently online. When they escalate to the contact center, they find themselves trapped in endless loops of automated menus, long hold times, and agents who repeatedly ask for the same information. This broken experience leads to abandoned calls, disenchanted customers, and ultimately, lost revenue. According to Invoca’s Buyer’s Experience Benchmark Report, 76% of consumers said they would stop doing business with a company after just one bad experience. McKinsey’s “Next in Personalization” report adds that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. The need for a transformative solution to mend this fractured customer experience has never been more pressing.

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PreSense addresses long-standing issues in contact centers by bridging the gap between digital and voice interactions

Contact centers have long relied on CRM data to personalize their customer experiences. But CRM data often comes up short because it’s out of date or unavailable for new buyers who are doing business with a company for the first time. With PreSense, contact centers elevate personalization by applying real-time digital intent data to new and existing customers alike.

PreSense sets a new customer standard by:

  • Enabling agents to get right to the point: With PreSense, agents receive a screen pop in their contact center desktop with key intent data, like the webpage the consumer last viewed or what products they added to their shopping cart. With this real-time context an agent can start conversations with: “Are you calling about problems with your router?” or “Are you interested in adding a smartwatch plan to your account?” eliminating lengthy exchanges that irritate customers, take up valuable agent time, and drive up costs.

  • Routing callers to the right place, right away: Using pre-call data, contact centers can automatically route calls to the most appropriate agent based on the consumer’s demonstrated need. For instance, a caller who’s started configuring an earthquake insurance quote online can be routed to an agent qualified to handle these specialized policies. By getting callers to the right agent faster, businesses reduce call transfers and abandonment, and drive higher call conversion rates.

  • Improving proactivity of AI-powered virtual agents: By integrating pre-call data into their AI-powered virtual agents, contact centers can more quickly resolve common customer support issues in a self-service fashion while freeing up agents to handle higher-priority calls. For instance, a consumer calling from a password reset page can be immediately prompted with “Are you calling to reset your password?”

“In today’s digital-first world, consumers often dread the contact center because they expect a bad experience,” said Nathan Ziv, senior vice president of product at Invoca. “The moment has come for a radical shift in CX — to use real-time data to proactively help customers and exceed their expectations. PreSense revolutionizes contact center operations, greatly enhancing and extending their ability to offer personalized and tailored interactions. This not only benefits consumers, but it also boosts operational efficiencies, slashes costs, and sparks new revenue growth.”

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DIRECTV drives revenue growth with real-time data

DIRECTV improved their contact center close rates by 110% by arming their sales agents with an enhanced screen pop inside Salesforce that features specific elements of their callers’ real-time digital journeys. “The second a rep picks up the phone, we know what’s in their cart, we know what features they’re interested in, we know what pages they’ve been on…” said Mark Loovis, senior director of marketing technology at DIRECTV during an interview at last year’s Invoca Summit event. “When the rep has that information, it’s incredible what they can do.”

Join Invoca and DIRECTV’s Customer Contact Week (CCW) webinar on July 26, 2023: “Omnichannel Excellence: How DIRECTV Transformed Its Caller Experiences By Capturing the Right Digital Data,” to uncover how Invoca enhances buying experiences, pinpoints buyer journey issues impacting conversions, and boosts digital transformation with pertinent customer data.


Invoca enhanced its partnership with Five9 in March and introduced PreSense to Five9 customers. With Invoca’s APIs and open architecture, today’s announcement expands PreSense functionality across several other major contact center solutions and CRMs, including NICE inContact, Genesys, Salesforce, Amazon Connect, and more. PreSense is available today in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

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