Introducing TigerEye: AI-Powered Strategic Planning and Performance

TigerEye’s Business Simulation Engine™, powered by TigerAI™, builds individualized models of a customer’s business by connecting to their CRM for historical and present data, and capturing sales rep behavior. It generates growth scenarios and simulates future business performance, enabling swift strategy testing and informed decision-making.

TigerEye unifies sales planning, territory management and hiring scheduling into a single platform, enhancing strategy execution and reducing costs. It also manages pipeline performance, ensuring year-round alignment and efficiency.

TigerEye’s Time Warp™ feature provides customers with the capability to replay their business activities up to the present day, allowing for a close examination of every deal and every sales rep’s performance.

TigerEye’s Time Cube™ architecture records CRM updates, manages all time-aware data and is the backbone for TigerAI and large language models.

TigerEye, a go-to-market platform for sales, marketing and finance, has emerged from stealth to offer AI-driven business planning that enables rapid strategy testing and execution. This accelerates the transition from planning to action with greater confidence. Additionally, TigerEye is rolling out a series of advancements, starting with Time Cube, an architecture that manages time-aware data and incorporates large language models (LLMs) for faster, better decision-making.

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“TigerEye created a state-of-the-art platform that helps us to instantly understand our business’s dynamics and concentrate on scaling with a lean team.”

The challenges confronting growth leaders

Today, companies face pressure to do more with fewer resources, strive for financial sustainability and figure out their approach to AI. A company’s sales plan plays a crucial role in driving strategy, resource allocation and revenue goals. Despite the significance of sales planning, many businesses roll out plans without adequate validation and testing — a lapse that can lead to issues affecting both profits and people.

TigerEye was founded with a clear mission: to help companies with the best products win through strategic planning and predictable growth. Its Business Simulation Engine, powered by TigerAI, utilizes customer-defined parameters and blends current and historical data to offer a range of growth scenarios from cautious to ambitious. The Business Simulation Engine quickly simulates future plans, guiding leaders through “what-if” scenarios like driving directions from a GPS. This ensures adaptability and stability, even with unexpected changes.

TigerEye prioritizes customer safety and privacy with a single-tenant architecture, ensuring data security and adherence to stringent best practices. Its Time Cube architecture, already pivotal in recording CRM updates and handling time-aware data, is poised to evolve further by integrating LLMs to provide actionable business advice for go-to-market (GTM) leaders. The company is benchmarking the effectiveness of its forthcoming LLM tools using its own data. Additionally, Time Cube supports decision-making by enabling sales leaders to review past and present business situations via the Time Warp feature.

“The days of relying on gut instinct and artful guessing in business are over,” said Tracy Young, co-founder and chief executive officer at TigerEye. “TigerEye helps companies predict their future performance and improve operations with AI-powered planning. Our platform provides companies a clear view of business changes, allowing them to explore growth scenarios before committing to a plan. The Business Simulation Engine reduces the planning process from months to minutes. This isn’t just about tracking numbers; it’s about fundamentally changing how businesses plan and make strategic decisions for their future.”

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A unified platform for go-to-market

Today’s announcement demonstrates the success of modern business planning with TigerEye’s integrated approach. The company unifies sales planning, territory management and hiring scheduling into a single platform to enhance collaboration, efficiency, adaptability and strategy flexibility, while eliminating scattered spreadsheets and isolated applications. This streamlines processes, freeing up valuable time for GTM leaders to concentrate on essential planning tasks such as securing internal support for the plan, presenting it to teams and executing it.

TigerEye’s capabilities include:

Plan: Collaboration among sales, marketing and finance leaders is crucial for successful planning and alignment on growth objectives. TigerEye helps these leaders track, predict and plan the future performance of the company. The Business Simulation Engine, powered by TigerAI, enables efficient modeling of customer-defined growth scenarios, ranging from cautious to bold, dynamically updated with live CRM data for real-time relevancy. This encourages a planning process that promotes experimentation, learning and adaptable strategies for tangible growth.

Segment and territory management: Segmentation should be strategic and simple. TigerEye is helping RevOps leaders refine segmentation with new capabilities risk-free before assigning accounts by effortlessly syncing with CRM. TigerEye offers modifiable customer grouping, geographic sales areas and transparent account reassignments. For example, this transparency is essential for individuals on parental leave, ensuring business continuity and fair account management when the original sales representative returns.

Hiring schedule and quota assignment: TigerEye streamlines the hiring process by enabling managers to plan for the impact of recruiting sales reps in various regions, evaluate pipeline requirements, justify hiring decisions, manage employee turnover and efficiently assign quotas. The platform simplifies team expansion and ramp-up time planning, key for sales planning to ensure optimal resource allocation and preparedness.

Measure: TigerEye continuously learns about your business so that leaders can embrace change and adapt year-round. Pipeline management is table stakes for any company, and today TigerEye is delivering that with enhanced new features. The company offers comprehensive pipeline analytics, including an integrated sales and marketing funnel. It also offers customizable alerts, which help identify potential issues early, manage risks and make adjustments to the business. These tools allow companies to visualize the customer journey, monitor business activities and track performance metrics.

Cost: Understanding the cost of your plans is crucial to determining whether you can afford to implement specific business decisions. TigerEye will connect with customers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) to understand spend and simulate the budget required for planning scenarios. A new beta launching soon with NetSuite will bridge the gap between customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems and unify strategic and financial planning on a single platform to resolve the challenges of fragmented planning and execution.

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