Impact Analytics enhances its AI-native product portfolio with generative AI technologies

Today’s fastest-growing AI-powered retail-planning provider seizes the opportunity to exploit complementary, innovative AI technologies.

Impact Analytics, a leading provider of SaaS AI-based supply chain and merchandise planning solutions for retail, CPG, and manufacturing, today revealed the depth of its product integration with Open AI’s GPT models and other generative AI technologies. The company announced it has already enabled generative AI capabilities in its assortment, pricing, and planning tools, and is using the technology to provide automated recommendations as well as more efficient onboarding.

“We’re making the most of generative AI to improve what our clients say is already the retail industry’s most robust, efficient, secure, and user-friendly AI-driven system, the Impact Analytics SmartSuite™ solution set,” said Prashant Agrawal, Impact Analytics founder and CEO. “Generative AI technologies are vastly useful and, at least for us, easily incorporated because we’ve developed our products on a flexible AI engine right from the start.”

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Generative AI significantly uplevels the functioning of Impact Analytics products in the following areas:

  • Data transformation: Generative AI enables Impact Analytics products to quickly convert massive amounts of raw data to a readily digestible in-house format. “Transformation” is about more than simply converting data—the key is to create meaningful, structured information that’s easily consumed by various models and products. Generative AI also enables Impact Analytics to present a standard format across clients, which enables the company’s integrated platform team to onboard clients faster and more easily.
  • Data validation: Impact Analytics uses generative AI-powered data validation procedures, such as enhanced automated quality checks, to ensure the integrity of raw data and to enhance process efficiencies. Open AI’s GPT models and other generative AI tools enable the company’s products to detect and rectify anomalies or inaccuracies early in the process, ensuring data is accurate and reliable.
  • Query generation: The company uses generative AI to provide basic and optimized SQL query generation, ensuring Impact Analytics products very quickly and efficiently extract and manipulate data for better performance and faster results.
  • User benefits: That same generative AI technology enables Impact Analytics customers to use natural, intuitive language, and more easily navigate and use services, when engaging with Impact Analytics products.
  • Security and privacy: Rest assured—Impact Analytics protects client data against all possible security/privacy risks by exposing only the data schemas to the generative AI code—never the actual client data itself. And the company uses state-of-the-art static code analysis and static application security testing processes to find and remove any potential security vulnerabilities in the generative AI code.

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“We’re excited to take advantage of any generative AI capability that benefits our products and services and, ultimately, our customers,” said Agrawal. “We wouldn’t be on Fortune’s list of most innovative companies if we didn’t.”

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