Gong Surpasses 4,000 Customers as Businesses Turn to its AI-Powered Platform for Efficient Revenue Growth

Companies including ADT, Indeed, LinkedIn, Snowflake, and Zillow rely on Gong to generate and accelerate pipeline, boost team productivity, and ensure initiatives succeed

Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, today announced more than 4,000 customers globally are using the Revenue Intelligence platform to transform their organizations with customer-driven insights at scale. As companies continue to prioritize efficient revenue growth, they are consolidating on Gong’s AI-powered platform to automate critical selling workflows, improve decision-making, and close more deals.

Nearly 1,000 customers selected Gong as their revenue intelligence platform since the beginning of the year alone, further extending Gong’s category leadership.

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Gong helps revenue teams drive success across their most critical business functions – from upskilling teams, creating and accelerating deal pipeline, forecasting accurately, boosting rep productivity, and deploying strategic initiatives. Teams that use Gong’s platform achieve significant value compared to companies that do not, including:

  • Increased win rates – In a study of more than one million opportunities across 2,519 companies, higher usage of Gong increased win rates by 16%.
  • Stronger revenue growth – Across 332 of Gong’s customers, companies who used Gong throughout the organization observed 11% higher revenue growth year over year.
  • Lower churn rates – Higher usage of Gong has a direct correlation with lower churn rates across 800 accounts analyzed – 68% less than those with low usage.
  • Higher net promoter score – Out of more than 3,000 accounts analyzed, those whose managers heavily use Gong achieve a 9% higher NPS over a 12-month period than those whose managers did not.

“From Sales to Customer Success, our customer-facing teams rely on conversational insights  to understand the impact of our strategic initiatives, identify growth opportunities, proactively mitigate risk, and help create continuity throughout the customer lifecycle,” said Dan Summers, Vice President of Revenue Operations and Strategy, Sprout Social.

Customer-Centric AI for Revenue Teams

The Revenue Intelligence platform helps companies significantly enhance their deal execution, coaching, sales engagement, strategic initiatives, market insights, and forecasting – all built on Gong’s proprietary AI engine.

Gong’s AI models are trained specifically for revenue teams based on tens of billions of customer interactions captured and analyzed on the platform. As a result, it provides a deep understanding of customer interactions, and delivers insights that are twice as accurate as any other solution. Gong’s AI leadership extends to generative AI, including proprietary models that produce highly accurate and relevant content, such as prospecting emails and meeting summaries, which increase team productivity and efficiency.

“Companies of all sizes are consolidating on Gong’s platform because of the value they are realizing in transforming their revenue teams,” said Gong co-founder and CEO Amit Bendov. “Since our inception, Gong has leveraged AI across our platform to help companies make better-informed decisions and gain efficiencies that translate to meaningful business value. And we’re just getting started. The potential of autonomous applications is unlimited and will usher in a new era of revenue transformation centered on customer insights.”

Gong’s customers include ADT, Indeed, LinkedIn, Morningstar Inc., Shopify, Zillow, and more. At 60%, Gong’s Net Promoter Score among end users is one of the highest in the market.

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