Hopstack and ProGlove to Demonstrate Automation Solution Using Modern Warehouse System & Hands-Free Scanners at Modex

Demos at the booth will feature Hopstack Digital Warehouse Platform and the integration with ProGlove’s hands-free scanning devices.

Hopstack Inc, cloud-first AI-powered warehouse management, control, and execution platform, today announced that the company will be showcasing its Warehouse Operating platform capabilities at Modex 2022 taking place on March 28–31 in Atlanta, GA. Hopstack will join ProGlove in their booth at the event to demonstrate how the modern Digital Warehouse platform can optimize warehousing operations and enable greater operational efficiency.

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ProGlove’s award-winning, wearable barcode scanners empower the human worker to get more done with less effort. Years of research deliver the best-of-breed wireless, wearable technology. The right fit, form, and function ensure the edge organization’s need to stay ahead of the competition. Hopstack’s platform empowers businesses to gain control of their warehouse operations, eliminate chokepoints and improve fulfillment throughput without scaling costs. The cloud-based warehouse software comes integrated with most of the commonly used hardware devices (Scanners, Printers, Robots, AGVs, AMRs, etc.), and other software platforms (ERPs, e-commerce marketplaces, shipping carriers, etc.). To enable businesses operational efficiency by providing customizable workflows, no-code rule-engine along with an advanced reporting and analytics module.

Hopstack’s Co-founder and COO, Vivek Singh, described the integration as “the next big step in improving throughput in automated warehouses’ ‘ and added, “Hopstack has been on a mission to streamline and simplify warehousing and fulfillment activities. This involves providing out-of-the-box robotic and device integrations to significantly minimize the deployment time. Such new-age robotic devices make warehousing operations much more efficient and contribute to increased throughput. ProGlove’s wearable scanners help pickers and other warehouse-floor operators increase efficiency and add to the overall safety in regular activities. The handsfree scanning capabilities as provided by ProGlove’s MARK devices prove to be a perfect fit for e-commerce involving high throughput and fast-moving fulfillment. The seamless integration between the Hopstack platform and ProGlove’s scanning devices will assist our e-commerce and 3PL customers in making the inbound and outbound process more efficient thereby improving their throughput.”

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