Sigma Computing Makes Self-service Business Intelligence a Reality for Teachable, Accelerating Data-driven Decisions Across Business Teams

eLearning Platform Increases BI Adoption by 5X and Slashes Data Requests by 70 Percent

Sigma Computing, an innovator in cloud analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) for enterprise teams, is helping Teachable enable every employee to find the information they need to make data-driven decisions quickly. The eLearning platform’s previous A&BI tool required a proprietary coding language to answer even the most straightforward questions, leaving business teams dependent upon the data team and analysts. Since deploying Sigma, five times the number of employees, including the product and fraud detection teams, are creating their own dashboards and ad hoc requests have decreased by 70 percent.

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#Cloud #analytics and #BI platform @SigmaComputing made #SelfServiceBI a reality for @Teachable. Increased BI adoption by 5X! Slashed ad hoc #data requests by 70%!

“Two main things attracted us to Sigma when we were selecting a platform: One was the ease of use for ‘non-data’ people, and the other was the operational model in which end users can add and connect to datasets on their own,” said Teachable Head of Data Peter Jaffe. “This was a huge selling point for me: Any user in the company can connect to and join any table they have access to in the data warehouse, without need for the data team to set anything up. This is the true ideal of democratized data.”

Sigma was connected to Teachable’s cloud data warehouse, Amazon Redshift, and permissions were assigned within the first two days of deployment. Teams across the organization were exploring data from the Teachable platform, web applications, and other sources together via Sigma’s spreadsheet-like interface and building their own dashboards almost immediately. Teachable has since reduced the human resources needed to fulfill BI requests from two full-time data analysts to a single employee dedicating only half of their time to supporting business teams, enabling analysts to focus their effort on projects that drive greater value for the company.

“End users tell me, unprompted, that they love Sigma. I have used a variety of BI platforms at a number of companies in the past, and I have never seen user adoption like this,” added Jaffe.

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“Teachable has set the standard for how companies should be leveraging the cloud to make real-time data available to the marketers, product managers, and other teams that are responsible for the decisions that drive the business each day,” said Sigma Computing CEO Mike Palmer. “Stale reports and dashboards just aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to empower domain experts to go beyond the dashboard, explore the underlying data, and find the insights they need when they need them – not days or weeks later. It excites me to see customers, like Teachable, leading this shift in the BI paradigm to not only expedite decision-making but improve it in a way that is only possible when everyone is able to see the full picture.”

Teachable’s mission is to enable the transformative power of knowledge and create a better world by empowering people to share their expertise with the world. The company’s all-in-one platform helps anyone turn what they know into a thriving business. More than 100,000 entrepreneurs use the platform because Teachable makes it easy to create an online course or coaching business by handling everything from web hosting to payment processing.

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