geniant Launches Next-Generation Experience Consulting Company

geniant’s experience transformation services address the impacts that physical spaces, people interactions, and technology have on the entire brand experience.

geniant unveiled their new experience consulting company, focusing on creating exceptional experiences for customers and employees.

“Experiences shape the world; they happen in physical spaces, between people, and through technology,” says David Lancashire, Chairman & Co-CEO. “We’ve brought together world-class craftspeople with the skills to help businesses optimize their entire brand experience.”

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There are many critical challenges facing businesses today. In this age of hybrid and distributed workforces, organizations are trying to deliver a next-generation employee experience for their teams and looking to ensure omnichannel brand consistency for their customers. geniant believes this begins with gaining a deeper understanding of the ‘real’ people involved and that experience research coupled with data analytics can provide the insights needed to correctly frame what needs to be designed for an optimal experience.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine where and how we work; there will be winners and losers in employee experiences and retention,” says David Dewane, geniant’s Chief Experience Officer. “geniant is a company that exists at the junction of architecture and technology, built to handle complex, 21st-century business challenges that these disciplines cannot fully address individually.”

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geniant works with clients, taking a persona-level view of their employee experiences as they aim to configure the right solutions for hybrid work. This is beyond the essential roles and responsibilities, but gaining a deeper understanding of how people actually work, collaborate, socialize, and develop into teams while absorbing the company culture.

“The most successful solutions always come from contextual, experience research, matched with data analytics to frame the design and development of any employee or consumer experience,” says Keith Jacobs, Co-CEO of geniant. “From architecture to technology, solutions succeed or fail based on the experience.”

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