TietoEVRY and OpsRamp Partner to Speed Up Adoption Of AIOps In The Nordics

OpsRamp, a modern availability platform for hybrid infrastructure monitoring and AI-driven event management, has partnered with TietoEVRY, the leading digital services and software company in the Nordic region. With a focus on AIOps, TietoEVRY will make the OpsRamp platform a cornerstone of its Next-Gen Enterprise Services, allowing for a fast and scalable way to apply AI and automation to enterprise IT operations.

Headquartered in Finland, TietoEVRY employs 24,000 consultants and services experts globally serving enterprise and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. These organizations must ensure the modernization and performance of critical business systems and applications, which is why TietoEVRY is investing heavily in its Next-Gen Enterprise Services. AIOps is essential to this process.

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AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, leverages a broad set of technologies, including machine learning, network science, combinatorial optimization, and other computational approaches, for solving everyday IT operational problems at scale. In simple terms, AIOps collects data from various sources and analyzes that data to give actionable insights to organizations.

“Next-Gen Enterprise Services is one of our top strategic priorities, and the OpsRamp platform is a vital part of this offering,” said Alberto Valero, Head of Private Cloud & Edge Services at TietoEVRY. “We see a big opportunity in the Nordic region and with our customers around the world to help streamline IT operations using artificial intelligence. After vetting all the solutions, we feel the OpsRamp platform is the best fit for our customers.”

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AIOps from OpsRamp includes several features that automate and streamline IT operations, including inference models, intelligent alerting, alert correlation, alert escalation, auto-incident routing, and auto-remediation. It enables users to proactively see, contextualize, and organize alerts and deal with them before they become problems.

TietoEVRY’s Next-Gen Enterprise Services offering aims to modernize customers’ IT infrastructure and maximize efficiency in operations while continuously improving and automating customers’ IT landscapes. AIOps is at the core of this pursuit.

“The Nordic market for AIOps is growing fast, and TietoEVRY is the leading systems integrator in the region,” said George Bonser, Vice President of EMEA at OpsRamp. “We look forward to getting them trained in the use of our platform, and helping their customers maintain the availability and performance of critical systems.”

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