Templar Shield and BigID Announce Strategic Partnership

Templar Shield, a premier information security, risk, and compliance technology professional services firm, and BigID, the leader in data discovery and intelligence for privacy, protection, and perspective, today announced an expansion to their strategic partnership designed to help organizations adopt and implement integrated solutions to simply and streamline privacy and security program management.

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Privacy, security, and governance are no longer the responsibility of one single department: it’s a team sport where everyone in the organization has a key role to play. Organizations need to take an integrated approach to enable all the stakeholders to collaborate in positioning data privacy and protection as a real differentiator and true enabler of the business.

Templar Shield’s Integrated Privacy Management Framework comprises of eight core facets of privacy program management, from governance to operations. This framework enables organizations to adopt a life-cycle approach i.e., discovering the data itself to mapping its flow with controls implemented across the life cycle for ensuring appropriate safeguards in place to mitigate risks, secure personal information, and enable consumer privacy rights.

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The partnership will empower companies to adopt and implement the integrated privacy management framework built on BigID alongside leading GRC tools to create a level playing field for the three lines of defense to come together, while managing risk and regulatory obligations. The solution engineered to help clients realize deeper insights from their data, create a baseline of a typical privacy environment, and gain actionable intelligence to help prevent and fix data privacy, security, and compliance gaps at scale.

Together, BigID and Templar Shield can help companies take a forward-looking approach to minimize data collection and implement a privacy first approach to effectively:

· Reduce sensitive and personal data risk exposure

· Meet regulatory obligations

· Reduce the risk of data losses or leaks

“This strategic partnership enables organizations to leverage pre-built solution accelerators that seamlessly integrate the BigID platform with the leading GRC tools, taking a holistic approach in managing privacy and protection program requirements” said Julia Fare, SVP Alliances, BigID.

“BigID and Templar Shield bring organizations an integrated, automated approach to efficiently manage the biggest challenges associated with discovering their personal and sensitive information – while automating consumer privacy rights” said Sesh Vaidyula, Partner, Templar Shield, and the creator of the Integrated Privacy Management Framework.

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