Retail Technology Innovators Select Engage3 to Power their Pricing Intelligence and Join Company’s Pricing Marketplace as Ecosystem Partners

Qsic and SetSight Tap into Engage3’s Pricing Marketplace to Deliver Integrated Pricing and Assortment Insights to their Customers

Engage3 powered by Dexi, which helps retailer and brands profitably grow revenue and drive store trips by tracking and optimizing their Price Image, announced that Qsic and SetSight have selected Engage3’s Pricing Marketplace to power their pricing intelligence for their retail and brand customers. Qsic and SetSight will also join Engage3’s Pricing Marketplace as Ecosystem Partners, introducing new partnership capabilities to Engage3 customers.

Qsic and SetSight’s customers will be able to tap into Engage3’s data to provide localized product and pricing visibility to their customers through their own products and services to facilitate better decision-making. This includes pricing, promotion, availability, product image, product ratings, and additional information to enable more effective audio promotions for Qsic customers and for SetSight’s brand and agency customers to uncover and execute against new business opportunities.

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“The ‘3’ in Engage3 has always represented our vision of creating better ways for Retailers and Brands to work together to serve their end Shoppers,” said Edris Bemanian, CEO of Engage3, “our new Pricing Marketplace brings us one big step closer to realizing our vision by creating unique partnership opportunities with leading retail technology innovators that can do more by integrating with Engage3’s solutions. We’re proud of the wide range of solutions that we will be launching through our marketplace as our partners solve a multitude of highly relevant use cases where pricing and assortment serve as valuable inputs.”

Powering Audio Retail Media Network Channels with Localized Pricing and Product Insights.

With the explosive growth of Retail Media Networks, retailers and brands are increasingly looking for technology that drives an impact, is measurable, and doesn’t cannibalize existing revenue opportunities. A report released by eMarketer claims that in 2024, digital audio will make up one-fifth of all time spent with digital media in the U.S.

Qsic, a leader in AI-driven retail audio advertising, has revolutionized in-store audio, elevating background music into a significant revenue driver via retail media. “Our AI Audio Platform supports audio networks for global retailers in more than 10,000+ locations,” shared Nick Larkins, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Qsic. “Our extensive experience, particularly with recent advertising campaigns, has revealed a key insight: campaigns that highlight product/promotional prices, consistently outperform those that don’t. In partnership with Engage3, we’re taking this to the next level. This collaboration enables us to integrate our advanced audio strategies with precise pricing data, empowering brands to create content-rich, price-focused promotions. This targeted approach not only aligns seamlessly with campaign objectives but also significantly enhances their effectiveness. It empowers us to dynamically build creative content with optimized pricing tailored for each specific location, enabling our retail partners to effectively showcase their competitive pricing and assortment strengths.”

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“Qsic customers can now, within seconds, create geo-targeted audio ads that reference localized pricing and product data to drive higher engagement and improved customer response,” said Bemanian. “Qsic customers that also use Engage3’s Price Image Management Suite will be able to optimize their promotions as well. As an Ecosystem Partner, we also look forward to introducing Engage3 customers to our partners at Qsic given the opportunities that this integration opens up.”

Helping Brands and Commerce Service Agencies Identify and Execute Against Pricing and Assortment Opportunities.

Brands and Commerce Service Agencies often struggle to aggregate and analyze point-of-sale and other EDI data in real-time across channel data sets. One Ecosystem Partner, SetSight Software, offers a harmonized platform ingesting EDI, retailer POS, syndicated, digital cross-retailer price movement, weather, and internal data to enable automated reporting, machine learning, and visualization to help its client sell and scale faster. SetSight provides category and supply chain management services to accelerate client exposure nationally and scale profitably.

“SetSight is already integrated with over 90 retailers today to gather, structure, and aggregate the data that their Brand partners rely on. SetSight has also been a direct customer of Engage3’s products for several years now,” said Chris Lohn, President of SetSight. “With this new and enhanced partnership, our customers can secure unparalleled visibility into pricing and assortment insights that will help them sell smarter and maximize their efficiency.”

“SetSight’s customers can leverage our Pricing Marketplace to improve their performance across their retail channels by contextualizing their decisions with localized product and pricing data in new ways not previously available to them,” said Bemanian. “We look forward to extending more of our pricing data, analytics, and Price Image optimization capabilities to joint SetSight and Engage3 customers over time.”

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