NovelVox, the Leading Webex Partner for Maximizing Agent Experience Joins hands for Cisco Amsterdam Event and EMEA Interactive Webinar

NovelVox, a prominent contact center solution provider and a certified Cisco partner, recently attended the Cisco Amsterdam Event. Among the many transformational technologies focusing on enhancing digital security and reimagining customer experiences with Cisco, NovelVox’s integrations, gadget customization, and data optimization for Cisco Webex emerged as standout innovations. The event served as a platform for NovelVox to showcase how working with custom gadgets can unify the agent experience and enhance operational efficiency in a Webex contact center.

Earlier this year, NovelVox also collaborated with Cisco on an EMEA Interactive Webinar, shedding light on maximizing agent efficiency for Credit Unions, Healthcare, Government, and Public Services. From industry-optimized integrations to end-to-end self-service solutions – NovelVox shed light on the importance of orchestrating the complete customer journey and unifying agent experiences for contact centers.

Making agents more efficient, maximizing customer satisfaction, and improving business efficiency have been core to the Cisco contact center. Through joint efforts, Cisco and its partners determine what tools can make Customer Experience teams happier and more

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In a collaborative journey of 10+ years, Cisco and NovelVox have consistently elevated the contact center experience for both agents and customers. Agent Accelerator, one of the most demanded and innovative contact center solutions from NovelVox, has been instrumental in empowering Cisco contact centers with unified and industry-optimized data. The ability to customize the Agent’s workspace with a unique layout, add the industry’s core integrations, and offer an optimized view with end-to-end actions has been nothing short of transformative.

A closer look at the values that it delivers to Cisco Webex Contact Centers:

  • No more screen switches!! A unified agent desktop interface in a Webex widget lets agents resolve calls faster with a one-screen view of relevant customer information.
  • The industry-optimized templates and services for Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, etc. make way for wider integrations and data optimization.
  • Integration of multiple systems, databases, and core apps like Epic, Cerner, Jack Henry, Symitar, FIS, etc – helps orchestrate the customer’s end-to-end journey and personalizes each interaction.
  • Knowledge Base, Case Management, and Dashboards – all integrated within agent workspace to make way for optimum efficiency.

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Amit, the CEO of NovelVox, emphasizes the critical role of real-time & relevant data in empowering agents, stating, “Agents feel empowered when armed with relevant data at the right time. The way that data is presented to them, and the effort or no. of clicks an agent makes to fetch such data – directly impacts overall efficiency and, consequently, the customer experience. Our custom gadgets and integrations not only streamline operations but also empower agents with the tools they need to excel. With a unified desktop interface and industry-optimized templates, agents can now resolve calls faster and personalize interactions seamlessly. As we continue to innovate, our goal remains clear: to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the customer journey in Webex contact centers”.

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