Instruqt New Salesforce Integration turns Insights into Revenue

Revenue teams can now leverage customer engagement with their interactive demos and training to accelerate the sales cycle and boost revenue.

Instruqt, the #1 sales-focused virtual IT labs platform, announced the release of its new integration with Salesforce.

The fastest way to boost software adoption is by offering a hands-on product experience. Instruqt enables revenue teams to attract and engage with buyers and users with hands-on product experience on real technology, real environment. This new Instruqt’s Salesforce Connector enables revenue teams to deliver funnel impact, level up marketing and sales processes, and deal acceleration with hands-on demos, workshops, and training.

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“We’re very excited to announce our new Salesforce integration which enables revenue teams to make the most of every demo, workshop, and training they built on Instruqt.”

“We’re very excited to announce our Salesforce integration which enables our customers to make the most of every demo, workshop, and training they built on Instruqt. Today, everyone is examining whether every dollar invested is worth the value they receive. Instruqt wants to ensure our customers drive even more revenue by enhancing their sales and marketing with revenue intelligence,” says Coert Baart, CEO of Instruqt.

Having high-quality insights on how customers interact with your demos and training is game-changing. Revenue teams love Instruqt Salesforce integration:

  • Sales teams sell more with less by getting valuable insights into opportunity and prospect engagement.
  • Marketing provides better-qualified leads based on learner activities and engagement.
  • Training is correlated to lead generation and opportunity performance, showcasing how great content drives Closed-Won opportunities.

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