Exabeam and Code42 Announce Strategic Partnership to Detect and Respond to Risk from Insider Threats

Joint solution integrates detection, automated investigations and incident response capabilities to reduce risks caused by compromised, negligent or malicious insiders

Exabeam, the Smarter SIEM™ company, and Code42, the leader in insider risk detection and response, today announced a strategic partnership to help security and insider threat teams quickly detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration, and reduce risks caused by compromised, negligent or malicious insiders. Customers using the joint solution will benefit from having a full picture of their environment, even in distributed workforce conditions, with automated incident response to obstruct insider threats before data loss occurs.

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“The unprecedented growth in distributed work presents novel and complex insider threats — even when compared to just months ago”

Insider threats are now among the most serious security risks and are becoming increasingly difficult to manage using conventional security technologies. The huge shift to remote working in 2020 has increased the use of personal devices, and at the same time, reduced the effectiveness of existing enterprise security solutions. When devices aren’t accessing assets directly through the corporate network or a VPN and instead going straight to the cloud, on-premise network data loss prevention (DLP) techniques and network firewalls have blind spots. Remote workers have also become the targets of social engineering attacks as cybercriminals attempt to exploit them to access corporate networks.

“The unprecedented growth in distributed work presents novel and complex insider threats — even when compared to just months ago,” commented Grant McCormick, CIO, Exabeam. “As a result, organizations should attach greater urgency to monitoring risky activities that may impact the security of their vital data. Failure to do so creates a potentially catastrophic blind spot in the protection and integrity of enterprise infrastructure.”

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The partnership enhances security across a variety of exfiltration vectors — across endpoint to cloud, through a technology integration, which uses the Exabeam Cloud Connector solution to ingest data that indicates risk from the Code42 Incydr™ product into Exabeam Data Lake and Exabeam Advanced Analytics. Organizations using the Exabeam and Code42 integration will gain the ability to establish or more easily build insider threat programs and processes. These organizations’ security operations center (SOC) and insider threat teams can:

  • Provide real-time analysis and reporting on security alerts and data exfiltration attempts across their environment
  • Accelerate investigations related to insider threats with detailed incident context across exfiltration vectors, file types, and user attributes and behavior
  • Resolve insider risk incidents faster through a combined solution that delivers high-fidelity alerts and actionable insights, along with the ability to correlate alert information and triage incidents

Ananth Appathurai, strategic partnerships and ecosystem SVP at Code42, said, “Together, we can offer organizations the ability to protect their systems and data from the malicious and accidental consequences of insider threats. This is vital as the recent changes in workplace culture evolve into permanent distributed strategies that legacy data protection solutions aren’t designed to address.”

To further support their cooperation, Exabeam is joining Code42 as a founding partner of the inaugural Insider Risk Summit, where the security community will connect to address the growing data risks from insider threats. Presented as a virtual event on Sept. 17, 2020, it is the premier gathering for security leaders and professionals to gain knowledge, share insights and advance strategies on detecting and responding to one of the biggest security challenges: the growing risk to IP and data presented by cloud-based collaboration and decentralized work.

“This technology collaboration between Exabeam and Code42 will allow employees to use the tools they need to work in distributed environments, while giving security teams visibility into how files are moving across endpoints and cloud applications,” said Chris Stewart, senior director, business development & global alliances at Exabeam. “It’s an important collaborative step, and by joining forces for events such as the Insider Risk Summit, we aim to maximize awareness of the risks of data loss from insider threats.”

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