Clearco Announces The Launch Of ClearMatch — Its New Business Partner Recommendation Service

First-of-Its-Kind and Industry-Leading Service Will Enable Full-Circle Growth For Founders With Insights-Driven Partner Recommendations

Pilot Showcases Average Growth of 117% in One Year

Clearco, the world’s largest e-commerce investor and the company revolutionizing the way founders grow their businesses, announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind partner recommendation service — ClearMatch. The launch of this new service underscores the company’s long-term vision of providing data-driven solutions and founder-friendly products beyond capital.

At the core of ClearMatch is Clearco’s leading benchmarking & insights technology. This technology is unique in the growth capital space, and is based on the more than 25,000 companies that have connected with Clearco to date. It allows Clearco’s customers to view and compare their performance across more than 20 key metrics, allowing them to compare themselves to competitors in their own industry and verticals.

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“Clearco has supported our family of founders throughout their growth journeys, and the launch of this unique service is our commitment to new ways of underscoring that support,” commented Michele Romanow, Co-Founder and President of Clearco. “We listened to what our founders told us they needed, and the result is ClearMatch.  This new service allows us to connect founders with businesses and partners in adjacencies that help them dimensionalize their business offerings and support future growth.”

By leveraging benchmarking & insights, Clearco identifies the major growth opportunities for each founders’ business – examples of benchmarking insights include cost-per-click, return-on-advertising spend, search optimization, and conversion rates, as well as other sales performance metrics. ClearMatch then pairs them with the most compatible partners in their ecosystem — these partners include everything from advertising agencies, marketing automation platforms, even to shipping and logistics companies — to help satisfy those growth opportunities. Users of the ClearMatch service can then decide which compatible partners they would like to connect with, at which point Clearco facilitates an introduction, allowing them to start collaborating right away. ClearMatch also saves founders time — the service helps to filter down the list of options ecommerce companies have. Instead of them spending hours on demos among 10 different platforms /service providers that do the same thing, we’ve vetted the best-in-breed options and can narrow down 1 or 2 that will be the best fit to help grow a founder’s business.

“Clearco has automated and systematized a key component of what a founder seeks in raising capital” says Andrew D’Souza, Co-Founder and CEO of Clearco. “Using our technology, we are now able to add value to our portfolio companies by helping them improve key growth metrics through tailor-made partner matches that will help them move the needle on that specific metric. In our pilot, we have witnessed that founders who take a partner recommendation from our ClearMatch service grow an average of 117% in revenue within one year.”

Clearco’s partner network consists of industry-leading agencies, tech applications and service providers which have been chosen and curated to help improve key business metrics for founders.

Three of Clearco’s founders, Peace Collective (a global apparel brand with a focus on giving back), Cohorted (a premium subscription beauty box company), and Outlaw (soaps and fragrance brand) were enrolled in our pilot and used the benchmarking data and insights from ClearMatch to better understand how they could improve and grow their businesses.  They were connected to Gorgias – who are the global leader in ecommerce customer support platforms — and the results have been very successful.

“Clearco helped us recognize the opportunity to increase conversion and LTV by leveraging Gorgias’ customer support technology. Since then, we’ve seen a 192% YoY increase in revenue, driving sales & AOV up with an enhanced customer experience.” 

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– Yanal Dhailieh, Founder, Peace Collective

“We didn’t realize how much of an impact Gorgias could make on our business growth until Clearco recommended them to us. Gorgias has helped us significantly increase customer retention and in turn, customer loyalty, by cutting down on response & resolution time for support. As a result, we’ve been able to 3x our conversion rate and monthly revenue continues to steadily increase.” 

– Jordan Cole, Director, Cohorted

“Clearco’s partner recommendation service has produced a 6 figure revenue channel for Gorgias, and allows us to connect with highly-qualified founders based on their business goals, current marketing and sales metrics. Their clean processes and defined vision of a partnership program have made them one of our most valued relationships.” 

– Romain Lapeyre, CEO, Gorgias

To read more about Outlaw – visit our founder case study:

How a small band of outlaws leveraged ClearMatch for growth

Clearco offers an industry-leading suite of performance financing products and services tailor made to help founders retain ownership including:

ClearCapital: ClearCapital provides up to $10m in equity-free capital for eCommerce companies looking to scale their marketing, or stock up on inventory.

ClearAngel: ClearAngel gives early-stage founders access to equity-free capital, data-driven advice, and Clearco’s extensive network of apps, agencies, and investors.

ClearRunway: ClearRunway offers SaaS and subscription companies a simpler way to grow, by converting monthly revenues into equity-free investments of up to $10m.

Insights and Valuation: Clearco’s Insights & Valuation tools help founders identify where they stand in their category across 20+ sales and marketing performance metrics, as well as the total value of their company.

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