Smith Micro Expands Data and Analytics Capabilities of ViewSpot Retail Display Management Platform

Presenting this enhanced solution at “Bringing Devices to Life: Using ViewSpot to Engage Customer Retail Journeys” webinar on March 7, 2023

Smith Micro Software Inc. launched expanded data and analytics capabilities in its ViewSpot retail display and engagement platform that allow retailers to correlate user engagement with product sales. The ViewSpot platform’s robust display management and analytical tools, coupled with its ability to integrate with existing systems, make it a powerful component of a business’ digital retail strategy, producing opportunities to attract prospective customers with compelling, on-brand content. As the ViewSpot platform has proven to be a valuable tool to mobile network operators in their retail operations, the Company will now expand its promotion of the solution to other retailers who sell mobile devices and TV monitors in their stores.

“We have always felt strongly that ViewSpot should be an essential component of a retailer’s in-store strategy, offering value by turning browsing consumers into buying customers,” said William W. Smith, Jr., president and CEO of Smith Micro. “In an environment challenged by shrinking workforces, growing consumer demand for the most current and compelling information, and the need for critical data to make the right smart retail decisions, ViewSpot is the silent salesperson that easily and efficiently augments and automates retail activities. ViewSpot not only guides consumers as they browse and buy devices, but also collects important information for retailers to be able to understand, customize and optimize the consumer journey.”

ViewSpot can increase in-store sales by collecting critical data from integrated systems and centrally managing on-screen content, including marketing campaigns and pricing updates, while tracking, engaging and quantifying the in-store customer journey. ViewSpot’s data coupled with a retailer’s inventory management, planogram, or point-of-sale system, enables access to valuable data that highlights foot traffic, the most successful store locations, inventory status and customer conversion rates. These data analytics differentiate ViewSpot from a pure content management solution by identifying which merchandising campaigns generate the most revenue and turn in-store screens into measurable engagement tools. Additionally, retailers can easily conduct A/B tests across devices, messages and promotions to gauge performance and success.

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Smith Micro Software, Inc. will host a webinar entitled “Bringing Devices to Life: Using ViewSpot to Engage Customer Retail Journeys,” showcasing the possibilities of the Company’s ViewSpot retail display and customer engagement platform. The session will take place on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. ET followed by a Q&A session and discussion.

Ryan Schrebe, director of Product Management for ViewSpot, will lead the webinar to help mobile network operators (MNOs) and retailers offering mobile devices in their stores understand how they can harness the power of the product. Schrebe will explain how ViewSpot provides compelling content, consistent pricing, and critical data about the customer journey in their stores.

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