SonicWall Boundless Cybersecurity Platform Swiftly Providing Remote Workforces With Secure Mobile Access, Defense in ‘New Business Norm’

SonicWall platform defends remote, mobile workforces against sophisticated cyberattacks, provides increased visibility, control in hyper-distributed IT era

SonicWall announced a modern Boundless Cybersecurity model designed to protect and mobilize organizations, large enterprises, government agencies and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operating in a ‘new business normal.’

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“What we are seeing is a heroic undertaking by organizations to quickly and efficiently provide security for an unexpected rise in a remote, mobile workforce that will permanently change the way they operate,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “We are now living in the new business normal.”

SonicWall’s Boundless Cybersecurity approach helps solve the cybersecurity business gap as workers prove to be less secure when working from home, leaving companies more exposed than ever. The platform delivers seamless protection that stops the most evasive cyberattacks across endless exposure points and increasingly remote, mobile and cloud-enabled workforces.

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“This profound business change will result in increased pressure to execute and deliver proactive, data-centric security protection that is always on, always learning and applies new methods of protection against today’s most pervasive cyberattacks,” said Conner.

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