MindTickle Releases Readiness Value Assessment Tool to Calculate ‘Return on Readiness’

Calculate Return on Investment of Sales Enablement and Sales Readiness Solutions

 MindTickle, the leader in Sales Readiness technology, released a self-service, free-to-use Readiness Value Assessment tool to help readiness, enablement and sales leaders quantify the value of an integrated approach to customer-facing readiness for their business. For most organizations, preparing and documenting the return on investment (ROI) of a unified approach to onboarding, preparing and up-skilling customer-facing teams can be cumbersome and require guesswork. MindTickle’s Readiness Value Assessment is a comprehensive, dynamic and easy-to-use solution that calculates the potential ROI of implementing MindTickle while providing real-world insights, industry-specific benchmarks and case studies.

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“This is a game-changer for Enablement Practitioners across the world. In 2019, there have never been more eyes on Sales training, coaching and related enablement initiatives across the C-Suite,” said Cameron Tanner, Sales Enablement Leader at a Fortune 10 company & Bay Area Chapter Leader of the Sales Enablement Society. “In the Bay Area chapter of the Sales Enablement Society, we have seen that practitioners are not strong in Finance and demonstrating business impact from the enablement function – it’s one of our top three challenges to solve. Now, with the MindTickle Readiness Value Assessment, I can build and forecast business cases with my specific metrics for our leadership team to demonstrate gaps, model success scenarios, ask for resources and then show results that can be achieved by the enablement function.”

Many organizations are evaluating sales enablement and readiness solutions because these have been proven to bring tangible and measurable ROI to companies of all sizes and across industries. In order to determine the right programs, technologies and approaches for their organization, revenue leaders must accurately assess the near and long-term benefits of each, the programs that will result in the most impact, and how to optimize the deployment of their resources. MindTickle’s Readiness Value Assessment was developed in active collaboration with the world’s leading companies. It enables users to input their organization’s specific sales scenarios, prioritize their enablement challenges and compare themselves against peer metrics, resulting in a tailored sales readiness business case specific to their organization.

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“Enablement and Readiness leaders have been looking for a way to measure their revenue-producing power and for proven solutions to enhance that power,” said Gopkiran Rao, chief strategy and marketing officer at MindTickle. “But before they can invest in these approaches, they must first educate themselves on measurable best practices from other practitioners and leaders, benchmark themselves against others in their industry and learn from experiences relevant to them. With MindTickle’s Readiness Value Assessment, users input their specific challenges, priorities and sales situations, and receive actionable insights in the form of a business assessment. Working with our value engineering team they have the option to then further refine this completely free assessment into a customized business case that drives the lifetime value of readiness for their organization.”

According to Mary Shea, Principal Analyst at Forrester, in the November 2019 report Building The Business Case For A Modern Sales Enablement Toolset, “With ROI of 666%, a modern sales enablement toolset becomes table stakes. The financial investment in this toolset outweighs inaction. But only 5% of B2B companies have fully mature sales enablement practices, and only 55% have rolled out [Sales Enablement Automation], the most mature of these tools.” The same report found that organizations with a modern sales enablement toolset which includes Sales Readiness experienced “productivity gains such as a 24% reduction in ramp time for new reps and an 18% increase in the average number of transactions per rep,” which translates “into significant commercial gains for sales leaders. Since rolling out its [Sales Readiness] solution, one technology company reduced the average ramp time for new reps by 50%.”

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