Gatekeeper Revolutionises Self-Service Contracts With the Launch of ‘Touchless Contracts’

Gatekeeper, the leading provider of Contract & Vendor Management software is delighted to announce the release of Touchless Contracts, its flagship feature to enable customers to drive greater efficiency in their contracting processes.

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At the heart of Touchless Contracts are powerful automation capabilities which not only remove the need for manual intervention upfront at the point of contract creation, but deliver downstream efficiencies throughout the contract lifecycle.

“Gatekeeper is laser-focused on reducing the time our customers spend on administrative tasks relating to their contracts and vendors. We consistently find that even the most efficiently run legal, procurement and finance departments still have room for optimisation in this area.” says Patrick O’Connor, CEO of Gatekeeper. “Touchless Contracts gives these teams the ability and confidence to remain hands-off for all but the steps necessitating their professional oversight and approval. It means these high-value employees are freed from administrative tasks and can spend more of their time driving the strategic value that only they can deliver.”

Touchless Contracts means exactly that. Entire contract lifecycles can be automated, from initiation through execution and downstream to renewal. Contracting teams can delegate data input to counterparties, enabling them to self-serve, and simply work by exception or for specific scenarios as required.

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Touchless Contracts can be used to remove any administrative overhead from your legal team, especially relating to high-volume agreements such as NDAs. Once configured, Touchless Contracts can take the simplest of initial data-points – an email address – and use that to generate a fully-executed NDA along with all accompanying contract and counterparty records. No need for any manual intervention or data-capture.

Alternatively, Touchless technology can be used to automate discrete sections of more complex contracting processes. It works seamlessly with Gatekeeper’s clause library, Microsoft Word-driven negotiation features and native eSign technology, ensuring Legal or Procurement resources are deployed most effectively.

“We liken it to the “last-mile” delivery challenges encountered by consumer-facing businesses. Touchless Contracts addresses the areas of our customers’ contracting and vendor processes that to this point have remained stubbornly un-automatable and time-consuming.”

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