Gong Introduces Proprietary Generative AI Models Built for Revenue Teams

Customer-Centric AI Models Understand Context and Intent to Automate Sales Workflows and Produce Highly Personalized, Accurate, and Secure Content 

Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader, launched new proprietary generative AI models built specifically for revenue teams and customizable by individual companies. Utilizing Gong’s dataset of tens of billions of captured and analyzed sales interactions – including calls, emails, and web conferences, among others – the models produce highly accurate and relevant content that helps revenue teams shorten seller workflows to drive efficiencies and win more deals.

“Call Spotlight is dramatically reducing the time my team spends consuming information during the sales prospecting process, while quickly surfacing call highlights, outlines, and next steps without having to listen to calls. Its ability to accurately understand and convey the context of sales conversations is transformative.”

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Generative AI that Understands Customers and Revenue Teams 

Unlike off-the-shelf systems, Gong’s proprietary generative AI models are able to categorize large amounts of data specific to sales deals, such as customer objections, and understand context and intent in sales conversations, such as the disposition of a conversation, to produce results that are highly relevant and accurate to revenue teams.

The new generative AI capabilities in the Gong Revenue Intelligence platform help revenue teams improve decision-making and win more business by autonomously surfacing and prioritizing the most critical next actions for deals, generating personalized content tailored to specific accounts, and freeing sales reps’ time to focus on strategies that drive growth. New and future capabilities include:

  • Pipeline management: Gong autonomously aggregates points of interest across deals, accounts, and contacts to provide revenue teams with a complete view of deal risks and opportunities. Gong will also allow open-ended questions about accounts (e.g., “Did the customer mention when they intend to start a pilot?”). In addition to surfacing valuable insights, this can reduce information consumption time by over 20x.

  • Advanced coaching: Gong generates summaries of critical information conveyed in sales calls, including intent and outcomes, based on what’s important to the business. This helps managers prioritize the most pressing actions for teams and coach through obstacles. Managers can also save time by scanning summaries 5-10x faster than listening to calls.

  • Market insights: Gong helps revenue teams understand important emerging market trends and themes that companies don’t know yet to track. For example, with Gong customers can understand what are the top objections or concerns customers have across different segments, and how each one is trending.

  • Sales engagement: Announced today, Gong Engage (link) automatically generates highly personalized emails that take into account previous interactions with prospects and buyers and account facts (e.g., pain points) to drive better results.

“Gong launched in 2016 to rid customer-facing people of their day-to-day drudgery using AI. We have been working with LLMs for over a year, and see it as a major breakthrough. But highly accurate, domain-specific AI that delivers a deep understanding of what’s going on within a sales organization and the next steps needed to win deals is more elusive,” said Gong co-founder and CEO, Amit Bendov. “AI is the core of Gong’s platform, and our new models exemplify the sales-driven advancements we’re bringing to market to help our customers transform their teams and accelerate revenue growth.”

Gong uses a combination of proprietary in-house models, trained using Gong’s unique customer-interaction dataset and customized to customers’ business, and augmented general-purpose large language models to deliver unrivaled accuracy and relevance for revenue teams.

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AI Customized for Individual Businesses

Gong is already working with customers to tailor its AI capabilities to their specific needs.  Smart Trackers helps revenue teams accurately understand the context of customer interactions. As the first user-trainable AI system customized for companies, Smart Trackers can be trained to satisfy a customer’s business, market, and priorities. Because Smart Trackers rely on contextual information, rather than keywords, they can pick up on concepts – and then surface insights – without having to be an exact match. This means that Gong delivers AI that is 3x more accurate than off-the-shelf systems and keyword-based analysis.

Gong transforms revenue organizations by harnessing customer interactions to increase business efficiency, improve decision-making and accelerate revenue growth. The Revenue Intelligence Platform uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to enable teams to capture, understand and act on all customer interactions in a single, integrated platform. More than 3,500 companies around the world rely on Gong to support their strategic initiatives, deal execution, forecasting, advanced coaching, and productivity to grow revenue efficiently. 

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