Enterprise Call Recording Pioneer CallCabinet celebrates “A decade of compliance”

CallCabinet was just two years old when it completely revolutionized the call recording industry in 2014. That’s the year it became the world’s first cloud-native call recording platform, changing forever the way that enterprises all over the globe would manage regulatory compliance requirements.

Now, CallCabinet is celebrating its tenth anniversary, marking its first decade as the industry’s most innovative company.

“We set out to be disruptive, and we’ve never really stopped. Practically everything we do has some degree of impact upon the industry. We can see our efforts reverberate through our competitors.””— Ron Romanchik – Chief Strategy Officer

“Leading through continuous innovation comes with its own challenges. There’s a lot of noise being created out there by competitors, but virtually none are able to provide the depth of compliance that our solution does. Not to mention delivering on the full potential of cloud-based call recording”, said CEO Ryan Kahan.

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That may be changing however as more enterprises come to realize the power of call recording analytics. Armed with a new brand look and feel, CallCabinet is now approaching both enterprise and channel markets with renewed zeal to inform industries of their untapped potential.

“It’s our tenth anniversary,” noted Romanchik, “and that’s a great time to remind audiences that we’ve been driving innovation in the industry for years, and we’re still doing so now. We keep making compliance recording possible for remote workforces, unified communications (UC) platforms, and contact centers all over the world.”

CallCabinet is one of only a handful of certified solutions for Microsoft Teams. It’s also a Cisco Preferred Solution and Solutions Plus Provider, and has recently partnered with Zoom to provide compliant recording solutions for the popular UC platform.

“UC is the new revolution,” Kahan said. “Much like the cloud recording revolution that we began with CallCabinet. Our platform enables UC like no other, bringing comprehensive compliance, quality assurance, and game-changing business intelligence to those platforms right when businesses need them the most.”

UC platforms have been around since the 1990s, but it wasn’t until companies had to find a way to work during the Covid-19 pandemic that the concept really took off. Nowadays, many companies are finding it difficult to recruit and retain employees without offering opportunities for remote work that are powered by UC platforms like Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex.

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“CallCabinet offers the most versatile enterprise recording solution there is,” said Kahan. “We’ve spent the better part of a decade upgrading and refining it, making it capable of integrating with virtually every PBX and business software platform in existence, including UC.”

“That’s the benefit of longevity,” confirmed Romanchik. “We didn’t just invent cloud recording, we’ve been continually reinventing it for the past 10 years. Nobody can touch our expertise or even come close to the detailed features we provide. For any platform, not just UC.”

When asked where CallCabinet sees the industry’s future going, Kahan simply said: “If you want to see the future of enterprise recording, all you have to do is watch us. We’ll be leading the way there.”

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