SalesTechStar Interview with Nimrod Ron, CEO and Co-founder at Amy

Nimrod Ron, CEO and Co-founder at Amy shares a few observations on the current state of salestech and B2B sales in this short Q&A:


Welcome to this SalesTechStar chat Nimrod, we’d love to hear about your journey through the years and more about your platform – Amy, what inspired this? 

I started Amy because my network was one of my greatest assets. To maintain my network, I put in the effort to reach out to my contacts every month or so to maintain the relationships. As my network grew, it became harder to stay abreast of updates – if someone switched jobs, their startup raised capital (or exited!), or they were featured online for achieving something great.

I believe that in business, everything is personal and building a product that provides the necessary information to build relationships at scale can have a huge impact.

Tell us about your recent seed round, how has the journey been till now and going forward, what are some of the immediate plans surrounding platform enhancements and growth?

The seed round is a huge accomplishment for Amy. Our main focus is enhancing our AI and building out our enterprise version…

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Can you share your thoughts on the impact of AI in today’s B2B sales solutions and how you feel this will deepen in the next few years? Some of the most innovative features through this that you feel B2B sales teams should use more of and deepen understanding of?

AI and NLP has changed the way companies sell. Where we see the biggest impact is on the personalization side. I truly believe that people buy from people, not from companies. As a result, the sales process needs to be more humanized and personalized.

This is what Amy does. We give actionable insights about the person sitting across from you, be it virtually or in person. We are creating a tool that identifies triggers on when is a good time to reach out and how. The result is that you can constantly be in touch with a larger number of people and build real professional relationships which ultimately leads to selling more.

When it comes to next generation sales tools: what are some of the fundamentals that you feel platforms should have?

What I believe is missing is the human factor. The most basic sales tool, the CRM, was created to manage customer RELATIONSHIPS however it has been whittled down to a virtual task management system. This is the same for other sales intelligence platforms. Professional relationships at scale are maintained by knowing your prospect, understanding what is important to them and providing value. Amy is one of the only tools that does this.

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A few thoughts on the future of salestech as a segment and how you feel this space will shape up?

I think that SalesTech has been changing a lot over the past 3 years. When we all went fully remote due to the pandemic, the space where meetings took place drastically shifted and sales meetings became a lot more transactional to fit into the time slots. This proved that significant deals could be done without ever meeting in person. A year after that, people started to miss the human factor – the small talk and meeting in person but the concept that not everything has to be done in person remained. During this time, budgets were increasing as cash was cheap.

Now we are seeing the third phase where budgets are tightening and a new level of unknown is taking place. I hope that the next iteration of sales tech matches this new need of hybrid meetings. I expect to see more VR solutions for meetings so we can meet in-person without being in person and re-introduce the personal factors that come with the feeling of sitting beside someone.

Some last thoughts, takeaways, before we wrap up!

We are still in a period of constant change but with change comes opportunity. The future of sales is essentially the future of business and I’m excited to see what comes next!

Amy helps business professionals prepare for meetings by equipping them with actionable insights to elevate every business interaction, straight to their calendar. Using AI, Amy collects and analyzes data from across the web and personalizes the relevant information about connections, prospects, and partners – empowering customer-facing roles to tailor every outreach, reveal hidden business opportunities, and ace every meeting. With Amy, business professionals can constitute real interaction with people and create real relationships with them.

Nimrod (Nim) Ron is the Co-Founder and CEO of Amy. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in sales who has been recognized for his accomplishments on the Forbes30Under30 list in 2019. Nim’s passion is networking and building professional relationships which was the inspiration for Amy. In his spare time, Nim is also an artist. He has sold his paintings to prominent art collectors, Formula 1 owners, NBA players and even a Former U.S President. Amy allows sales professionals to maximize their selling time by identifying hidden sales triggers so they can be proactive and reach out at the right time with the right information.

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