Hexindai Launches Elite Influencers Program on Xiaobai Maimai

Hexindai Inc. (NASDAQ: HX) (“Hexindai” or the “Company”), a mobile e-commerce and consumer lending platform in China, today announced that the newly launched Elite Influencers Program on Xiaobai Maimai, a new-form of social e-commerce platform released in May 2020, has made good progress and delivered impressive results.

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The Elite Influencers Program was designed for users of Xiaobai Maimai to attain higher returns on top of the regular commissions they receive for every purchase, share or recommendation of a product to family and friends. Users of Xiaobai Maimai can become Elite Influencers and enjoy higher commission rates as their influence reaches certain performance milestones. Currently, the Elite Influencers introduced to the platform are primarily WeChat merchants who have considerable influence on social e-commerce in China. This group of Elite Influencers were selected for their rich experience in social e-commerce, regular engagement with an extensive follower base, and their sales on WeChat, including popular shopping categories such as maternal and infant products, household goods, and cosmetic products.

Mr. Xiaobo An, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hexindai, commented, “The key to social e-commerce is effective communication between communities, and our Elite Influencers Program is a win-win solution built on effective communication. Leveraging their social influence and large follower base, Elite Influencers attract additional traffic to our platform and facilitate sales with every move they make on social media. They will enjoy higher commission rates without bearing the risks associated with maintaining stocks and inventories. At the same time, consumers can save on quality products with the discounts, coupons and rebates offered by Xiaobai Maimai. Since the launch of the Elite Influencers Program, we are very pleased to see significant improvements in a number of operating metrics on Xiaobai Maimai. In August 2020, our monthly active users accounted for approximately 61% of the total registered members of Xiaobai Maimai, representing a significant increase from 29% in June 2020. The monthly orders increased threefold from June 2020 to August 2020, and the number of monthly page views increased by nearly 60 times from June 2020 to August 2020. Going forward, we will continue to promote the Elite Influencers Program to more users, including influential WeChat merchants, retail store merchants, members of mothers’ clubs and farmers’ markets, and part-time merchants. We believe that the Elite Influencers Program will effectively expand our user base and increase traffic to and revenues generated from our platform. At the same time, we also intend to promote social employment through our efforts and further fulfill our corporate social responsibility.”

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