Workato Finds 5x Growth in Companies Using Slack as Workflow Hub

Workato, the leading intelligent integration and automation platform, today announced its number of paid users utilizing Slack for their enterprise workflows increased 5x from 2017 to 2018, according to new user data just released.

“Companies have moved far beyond just receiving app notifications and taking simple actions in Slack,” said Workato CEO, Vijay Tella. “They would like to enable their employees to get most of their work done in Slack without having to app hop and deal with fragments of data in dozens of business apps. This requires companies to think about enabling workflows across all of these applications from Slack.”

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Today, enterprises large and small are using Workato and Slack together for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • ChatOps: managing and provisioning virtual machines, self-service security checkups and operations, incident management and escalation
  • Intelligent Helpdesk: supporting employees and customers
  • Secure Approval Workflows: Sales Deal Desk, PTO approvals, Expense approvals
  • Revenue Ops: getting complete customer context across all touchpoints and systems and optimizing marketing and sales processes

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Workato also reports that its platform now contains 380,000 Slack recipes — what Workato calls its integrations and automations. Workato also disclosed its intelligent automation platform has now processed more than 1 billion events between Slack and other applications.

“We made the switch from Hipchat to Slack and wanted to enable employees to do work in our chat app,” said Bill Olson, Director of Field Product Management at Tenable. “When we analyzed all of our employees’ requests for help, 90% of them had an answer already written down.  Instead of having humans point people to the right answer, we wanted to create a system where you could go into Slack and ask a question, and it would give you the answer. We were able to create a smart help desk inside of Slack, and Workato is the platform that enables us to do work from Slack.”

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Other examples of companies using Slack as their work hub include:

Chat as the new UI isn’t only limited to Slack.  During the past 12 months, companies using Microsoft Teams grew 3x on the Workato platform, which now features over 14,000 Microsoft Teams recipes.

“If you had told me 10 years ago when I was working on middleware at Tibco and Oracle that integration would become the core capability that transforms chat apps into the console where employees get all their work done, I don’t know if I would have believed you,” said Tella. “But the kinds of complex workflows you can orchestrate using chat apps like Slack and Teams as the command center is absolutely incredible. We’re excited to be the platform that people are using to do this.”

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