Revnue Launches Mobile App with Embedded AI to Revolutionize Asset and Contract Lifecycle Management

Revnue, a leader in Contract Lifecycle and Asset Management solutions, has announced the release of its highly anticipated mobile app, a strategic addition to its comprehensive SaaS platform. Designed to enhance and streamline businesses’ asset, contract, customer, supplier, and services data management, the app is available for both Android and iOS users.

“Revnue’s software has consistently revolved around furnishing businesses with a steadfast ally in the pursuit of operational optimization, risk mitigation, and driving efficiencies,” remarked Kristina Isagunde, Director of Operations. “Our new mobile app embodies this committed dedication by delivering unrivaled convenience and functionality directly to the hands of our users, accessible right from their mobile devices.”

A standout capability of the app is the inclusion of more intelligence on the edge, which taps into the smartphone’s camera to seamlessly decipher barcodes, QR codes, UPC codes, text, Asset Tags, and conduct advanced OCR scanning. This not only empowers users with rapid access to their assets and contracts, stored in Revnue, but also streamlines their workflow and operational processes. Coupled with geofencing features, the app bestows businesses with real-time insights and fortified security measures, guaranteeing their access to confidential operational data remains within established geographical confines.

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Kasie Lisen, Lead Product Manager, and Carolyn Brillo, Senior Mobile App Project Manager, jointly led the Revnue mobile platform strategy, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the core platform. Kasie commented, “In a world that’s constantly on the move, our primary aim was to ensure that Revnue’s robust feature set is always within reach.” Carolyn added, “The launch of this mobile app signifies our unwavering commitment to adapt and grow alongside the needs of our tech-savvy users.” Together, they have combined their expertise to deliver a mobile strategy that truly resonates with the modern workforce.

Sean Stanton, Revnue’s Chief Revenue Officer, echoed this sentiment by emphasizing our commitment to providing scalable, secure, and industry-compliant solutions. “The recent launch of our mobile app serves as a testament to our continued leadership in the realm of asset and contract lifecycle management technology. This development empowers users with unprecedented access to critical business data, including assets and contracts, at their fingertips, around the clock—a transformative game-changer.”
Stanton continued, “Our customers articulated a clear need: “Empower our field teams to effortlessly scan serial numbers and tag inventory directly from their mobile devices.” We took this challenge head-on and delivered a solution that not only fulfills this demand but also unlocks numerous other streamlined workflows.

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Stanton elaborated, “Picture an IT executive, away from the office during off-hours or over the weekend, alerted to a critical device malfunction. With the Revnue Mobile App, they can immediately have access to asset intelligence. From pinpointing the asset’s exact installation site, retracing its purchase history, identifying supplier details, to understanding its maintenance timeline, warranty status, and direct support contacts – every critical detail is at their fingertips. It’s not just convenience, it’s a competitive advantage for our customers.”

For businesses focused on enhancing their asset and contract lifecycles, encompassing everything from creation and negotiation to renewal, Revnue’s mobile app offers a substantial value proposition. Its user-friendly platform guarantees that contracts are maintained in a compliant, accessible, and efficient manner. Additionally, its Asset & Services Management features offer real-time visibility into a company’s assets, further enhancing operational efficiency.

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