Pipedrive Announces Growth Strategy for its Marketplace Ecosystem in 2023

Customers’ highest demand is for apps supporting customer communication, automation and lead generation.

Pipedrive, the easy and effective sales CRM for small businesses, today announced that it has reached 400 app integrations to-date on the Pipedrive Marketplace, an ever-growing ecosystem designed to help customers seamlessly sync business data all in one place. Pipedrive also confirmed its growth strategy for the ecosystem in 2023 to deliver continued value to its customers and help them close more deals, faster.

“Our ecosystem is all about amplifying Pipedrive’s value”

With more than 400 app integrations and connectors, the Pipedrive Marketplace enables customers to sync their data across systems all in one place. “Our ecosystem is all about amplifying Pipedrive’s value,” said Pipedrive CPO Shaun Shirazian. “How effective a CRM is depends on how well it interfaces with the rest of the organization and the tools used by different teams. By integrating Pipedrive, an easy-to-use and effective sales-first CRM, with apps available through our third-party ecosystem, we can offer small businesses a complete, customizable and agile tech stack that covers the revenue management lifecycle and supports their growth.”

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“With a user satisfaction rating of over 4.25 out of 5, the ecosystem has already become integral for most Pipedrive customers,” added Shirazian. “Today, nearly 60% of Pipedrive’s total userbase and more than 82% of its high-value customers have integrated their CRM with other apps. We hope to see that percentage grow this year by expanding the selection of available apps in our Marketplace.”

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In 2022, more than 132,000 users installed at least one app from the Pipedrive Marketplace. The most popular app categories were bots and messaging, phone and video calls, marketing automation and lead generation.

Earlier this year, Pipedrive API was recognized as one of the most popular APIs for developers by Postman, a world-leading public hub for developers to design, build and test their APIs.

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