Bombora Launches New Salesforce App, Making it Easier for Sales Teams to Pursue In-market Accounts

Upgraded integration automates Bombora Company Surge® score and insights within Salesforce platform

Bombora, the leading provider of B2B Intent data, announced that it has launched a native Salesforce app that makes it easier than ever for Salesforce users to access Bombora’s Company Surge® score and take action based on those insights.

Bombora customers have relied on a successful Salesforce integration for several years, and Salesforce users have had access to Bombora Company Surge® scores that show them which of their target prospects and accounts are actively in-market for their products or services. This latest iteration of the integration creates a faster time-to-value for end users by automating processes that were previously manual.

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Now, Salesforce users can select the topics and clusters that they want to monitor using Bombora’s Intent data, and the app automatically ties the Intent data to the user’s accounts listed within Salesforce. Insights are delivered on an automated, weekly basis, ensuring that sales teams have the latest insights into who is actively in-market for their products. The new app also features easy-to-read widgets that visualize data and insights, making it easier for teams to act.

“Bombora’s mission is to make life easier for sales and marketing teams by making our data available directly within the platforms and tools that they use on a daily basis,” said Erik Matlick, CEO and co-founder of Bombora. “This new app is the product of a long, productive partnership with Salesforce, and we’re excited to make it even easier for teams to access our Intent data and put it into action. These are the kinds of partnerships and integrations that improve the ecosystem for everyone.”

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Through a new Domain Matching feature, Salesforce users can select website fields within the platform that they want to match to Bombora data. This level of control allows teams that have customized their Salesforce instances to better align their data with the output they’ll need from Bombora.

The new app also provides account creation services. If Bombora detects a company that is exhibiting high levels of intent within the criteria that a Salesforce user has identified, but is not within the user’s list of target accounts, then Bombora will create the identified company as a new account record.
Bombora has more than 100 integrations across the marketing and sales ecosystems, making its Company Surge® data easily accessible to the teams that rely on these data and insights.

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