GoToWebinar Update Enables Marketers to Better Create, Promote and Analyze Webinars

Perhaps the most critical component of sales and marketing is the ability to recognize what resonates most with customers and how to maximize its impact. For most businesses today, this means better leveraging webinars.

According to a survey on the 2018 state of video marketing by explainer video company- Wyzowl, only 44 percent of marketers use webinars, despite 87 percent of marketers who use webinars reporting that they are effective. Another survey, by, reported very similar results, with only 43.5 percent of surveyed sales and marketing leaders using webinars compared to 73 percent reporting webinars are among the most effective methods for generating quality leads. One thing is clear: businesses aren’t capitalizing on webinars as much as they should be.

Fortunately, our team at GoToWebinar frequently analyzes user preferences and outcomes, and we’ve upgraded the platform accordingly to help businesses drive better results with webinars. We’ve completely redesigned the user interface and incorporated several key new features to help sales and marketing teams better create, promote and analyze webinars.

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First and foremost, we incorporated a new, all-in-one dashboard. Its intuitive design makes it simpler to plan upcoming webinars, view previous webinars, set up automated webinars around pre-recorded events and deliver automated session reminders. Additionally, the dashboard provides advanced analytics so marketers can easily see what is the most effective in terms of topic, timing, audience attendance metrics and more.

The dashboard also includes integrated one-click publishing to GoToStage, where customers can view webinars on-demand and marketers can further promote them. This is particularly valuable, as our own analysis of all the webinars on GoToStage revealed that the number of people who attend webinars isn’t nearly as important as promoting them after the live event and allowing people to watch them on their own time (42 of the 100 most successful webinars actually had a sub-par attendance rate).

To address the ongoing worldwide increase in the use of mobile devices, we also redesigned GoToWebinar to enable a mobile-optimized experience. The platform is now not only more compatible with and fully-responsive on mobile devices, but marketers can also create events or view audience information from their mobile devices.

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We also gave GoToWebinar’s integration capabilities an upgrade, allowing easier synthesis with other marketing automation and CRM systems to help businesses streamline their increasingly-complicated workflows. This includes integrations with AWeber, HubSpot, Unbounce, Zapier and more.

Lastly, we’ve included helpful tips and tricks to guide marketers throughout their use of GoToWebinar. These notifications will appear within the platform and offer general guidance, trends to be aware of and best practices, such as how to create effective titles and schedule for optimal times. These tips and tricks are drawn from our analysis and distillation of the best practices of over 300,000 webinars. You can access additional details and insights in our 2017 Big Book of Webinar Stats.

GoToWebinar was the pioneer of webinar services, and we’re thrilled to continue our leadership with this next generation of the platform. With its more-intuitive and mobile-friendly design, new all-in-one dashboard, improved analytics, additional integrations and tips and tricks, GoToWebinar helps marketers capitalize on their valuable webinar content like never before.

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