ZeroBounce Upgrades Data Center Infrastructure to Boost Email Verification API Speed

ZeroBounce upgrades its global data center infrastructure by deploying high-availability clusters in the United States. The new data center responds to the growing demand for real-time email verification and is intended to better serve U.S. customers through the Application Programming Interface (API).

The high-availability clusters maximize the capability of the API and improve the response time for any queries coming from the U.S. As a result, ZeroBounce’s global email verification API operates at a higher speed, instantly responding to API calls from any location in the world.

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“As our U.S. customer base has grown, we continue to strive for industry-leading performance in our email verification API. All U.S. requests are now automatically directed towards the new server protocols, which increases the speed of the real-time email verification process. ZeroBounce is handling large API requests, and our goal is to offer the fastest response time available. It’s an investment we made to save our customers time and ensure faster results,” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase. In addition, these technological measures continue to advance the security and stability of the verification system.

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Starting on 01 February 2019, ZeroBounce introduces the Freemium subscription, a free-for-life account which offers 100 free monthly email validation credits. Also new is the Premium subscription which provides varying pricing, based on monthly credit usage. Furthermore, for customers with larger volume, ZeroBounce recommends their Enterprise Solutions. This plan includes access to higher resources, custom agreements, and dedicated Account and Customer Success managers.

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