Corporates and Small Businesses are Snapping Up This New Disposable Email Service

Businesses that strive for an effective and efficient email tool, are taking advantage of service which offers a discreet and disposable approach from one to all email addresses that belong to your own domain name.

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“The perfect solution for email verification automation, unlimited disposable mailboxes with API access.”

PostBack.Email is becoming one of the most sought after services as users can utilize unlimited email inboxes, large storage, and, they can obtain full automation for email verification with API access.

Built for corporates, small businesses, QA teams, developers and e-marketers, the easy-to-use mailbox service also offers Webhooks and automatic set-up to meet a client’s needs. It is also ideal for subscriptions, sensitive business activities, and high-end corporate services.

The service is extremely useful for business owners wanting to create a temporary email address or QA teams running large scale email-related tests. You can run multiple domain names simultaneously and monitor all your incoming emails from a single mailbox.

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PostBack.Email offers three tiers of service that are tailored to meet different budgets, but all encourage users to get started immediately.

Their BUSINESS package, costing $149 per month, includes unlimited custom domains, unlimited mailboxes, API keys, unlimited message storage, and webhook integration.

The TEAM plan, which costs $49 monthly, includes 10 custom domains, unlimited mailboxes, API keys, and Webhook integration.

The BUSINESS package is suitable for large organizations while the TEAM plan is the best for service teams in a small company.

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