Ironclad Clickwrap Powers Online Agreement Creation and Management in Minutes, Announces a Unified Repository, Mobile Evidence Collection and New User Experience

With Ironclad Clickwrap, businesses can create, execute, and manage easily understandable, fully-compliant click-to-accept agreements for any type of contract – including terms and conditions, NDAs, e-commerce purchases, renewals, and more

Ironclad, the leading digital contracting platform, announced the next generation of its Clickwrap product, which takes any agreement online, automates its creation, and compresses its execution to a single click. Now, Clickwrap includes support for online agreements across all mobile devices, a new streamlined user interface, and a unified, full-text searchable contract repository to manage a business’s entire library of contracts and online agreements from a single location.

“Traditional and homegrown solutions for high-volume agreements are slow, inefficient, and not in line with today’s customer expectations. Ironclad Clickwrap is bringing the power of CLM to high-volume, one-click contracts and was purpose built from day one for companies like Wayfair, Doordash, and others who process millions of online contracts,” said Brian Powers, Head of Digital Acceptance at Ironclad. “Clickwrap lets you meet digital users where they are with an optimized process for high-volume agreements like e-commerce checkout flows, mobile app registration, and even more traditional agreements like NDAs, or MSAs.”

With Ironclad Clickwrap, companies can securely transform any contract into fully automated, clickable online agreements. Every single online agreement is documented, easily accessible by internal teams, and clear to customers – helping to reduce confusion, speed up audits, and minimize litigation risk. “For regulated businesses with memberships, leasing agreements, or loan approvals, customer experience will become a key differentiator to win the market,” said Powers. “Ironclad Clickwrap helps you make your agreements lightning fast and crystal clear, which is a win for businesses and consumers alike.”

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Ironclad Clickwrap, which is live and available today, allows businesses to:

  • Easily manage millions of contracts in one place: Ironclad’s new unified repository allows companies to sync, categorize, search for, and analyze all their contracts – whether they are high-volume online agreements, or traditional “one-to-one” contracts.
  • Visualize data and gain powerful business insights: Users can now create custom visualizations of crucial operational data from their online agreements inside Ironclad’s full stack data analytics platform, Insights.
  • Get agreements online faster: Ironclad Clickwrap’s new user interface is optimized for simpler, more streamlined contract creation and configuration – from uploading templates to getting your first line of code deployed. Additionally, with Clickwrap Guides, users can follow new implementation blueprints, tailored automatically for their needs, to easily create and test their online agreements like checkout flows, renewal agreements, Terms & Services agreements, NDAs, and more.
  • Collect contract agreement evidence across any device: Clickwrap Snapshots can now capture visual evidence and maintain compliance of your agreements wherever they are presented – including on mobile apps and other connected devices like tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, or gaming consoles.

“We implemented Ironclad Clickwrap for our candidate-facing NDAs and our standard mutual NDAs, where counterparties can accept with just one click. What used to take about 27 days, we’re now doing in two hours,” said Daniel Michalek, Legal Operations Manager at Branch. “Moving our NDAs to clickwrap has eliminated redlines, led to faster turnaround times, and led to a tremendous increase in business velocity.”

“Clickwrap has emerged as a massive unlock for companies looking to execute online agreements at massive scale, in a highly compliant way,” said Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “By 2025, we expect the market for clickwrap translations to grow to about $15 billion. Products that facilitate scalability, built-in automation, and dynamic agreement creation will help their users better compete, stay on top of version control and compliance, and save substantial amounts of both time and money.”

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