DottedSign Enhances its Ease-of-Use Advantage with New Integration with Microsoft OneDrive

Kdan Mobile Software, Ltd.’s e-signature software, DottedSign, recently announced its integration with OneDrive, the well-known online cloud storage service from Microsoft. This latest movement reinforces DottedSign’s commitment to providing its users with seamless workflow integration within their Microsoft environment, following the successful integration with Microsoft Teams last year. DottedSign will continue to enhance its signing ecosystem through integrations, making the experience easier and more efficient for users.

“More than 40% DottedSign’s users can complete the signing task within an hour thanks to DottedSign’s intuitive user experience and complete features,” says Kenny Su, CEO of Kdan Mobile. “It also helped DottedSign earn the second place in ‘top 20 easiest-to-use e-signature software’ on G2.” Through the integration with Microsoft OneDrive, DottedSign users who are used to using OneDrive can export and manage their contracts in OneDrive directly to accelerate their workflow and increase their efficiency.

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“Enterprises are always seeking more accurate operational solutions that can scale with their businesses and adapt to changing economic conditions,” says Wei-Chung Wang, Kdan’s VP, Global Marketing and GM North America. “DottedSign’s commitment to providing the easiest-to-use e-signature for enterprises to increase their efficiency is unwavering. We believe enterprises can face the upcoming challenges through the seamless experience between DottedSign and other well-known solutions.” DottedSign also integrates with Google Workspace, Salesforce and Zapier.

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To date, more than 3,500 enterprise users across America, Europe and Asia have utilized DottedSign to increase their signing efficiency. Kdan reports that enterprise users increased more than 75% over the same period last year. Current OneDrive users interested in starting a DottedSign trial are encouraged to visit the website for more information. In addition to SaaS, DottedSign also provides solutions that include API and On-Premise. Write in to to learn more about our exclusive editorial packages and programs.

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