Dynamic Signal Announces Launch of Mobile Publisher, an Expanded Suite of Metrics, and Strategic Partnerships at Summit by Dynamic Signal

New Features and Metrics from Dynamic Signal Allow Organizations to Connect Employees, Empower Advocates, and Measure Results

Dynamic Signal, the leading Employee Communication and Engagement platform, publicly announced the launch of Mobile Publisher, a new feature that will allow platform managers to create and distribute content on the go, directly from their Dynamic Signal mobile app. Mobile Publisher will allow managers to upload video and images directly from their phone to Dynamic Signal, then edit and broadcast that content using Dynamic Signal’s robust targeting and security features to connect and engage their employees. The announcement comes on the heels of the second annual Summit by Dynamic Signal in San Francisco, which brought together communicators, marketers, IT and HR professionals who are striving to drive business impact through meaningful, measurable employee communication, engagement, and advocacy.

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Dynamic Signal’s Mobile Publisher is included with the Dynamic Signal platform, available on the web, mobile, and desktop, and will allow managers to easily create targeted, relevant content directly from a mobile device. Mobile Publisher will give managers new tools to quickly compose and deliver meaningful news and information, elicit employee feedback, and share videos and photos to better connect, engage, and empower their employees. In addition, Mobile Publisher will allow users to effortlessly edit and broadcast content with little training, making it especially suited for remote teams at enterprise scale.

“Today, more than ever, work happens on our phones, and Dynamic Signal has been working to ensure that we’re not only delivering the best mobile experiences for employees, we’re also enabling better facilitation of Employee Communication and Engagement on mobile,” said Russ Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal. “With Mobile Publisher, platform managers can now create,  edit, and strategically distribute content to employees right from their mobile device. This new offering makes it even easier for content creators to share local, real-time information, updates, videos, and pictures on the go. From retail locations, factories, regional offices, and events, platform managers can easily publish media-rich, local content without needing to be in front of a computer.”

In addition to Mobile Publisher, Dynamic Signal also announced the availability of Social DM (Distributed Marketing) by Dynamic Signal on the Salesforce AppExchange, a component empowering employees and partners to share brand-approved content across external social channels and track campaign engagements from within Salesforce.

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Dynamic Signal also announced new reach metrics that will add meaningful data-driven insights to the platform’s analytics suite. The new metrics will provide organizations with a holistic view of the employees and employee groups that they are able to reach with important communication and content, as well as insights into message reach and penetration. The new metrics will enable communicators and leaders to identify engagement gaps and optimize their communication strategies with the goal of reaching every employee with the right information when and where they need it.

Research has shown that companies with highly-engaged employees experience annual revenue growth that is significantly greater than companies with average employee engagement levels. A 2019 survey of Dynamic Signal customers found that companies using the platform also experienced an average of 18% improvement in internal CEO approval ratings. Additional analysis of public data on Glassdoor indicated that a company with a 1% higher internal CEO approval rating had on average a 1.6% higher 3-year return on equity. In other words, a company with a 10% higher CEO approval rating on Glassdoor could expect to see a 16% higher return on stock price over a 3-year period, underscoring the bottom-line business impacts of a connected and engaged workforce.

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