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New Spiff Experience Delivers the Familiarity of Spreadsheets

Material experience in Spiff platform offers a new table-based, spreadsheet-like feel that is familiar to Admin users – but powered by the Spiff Commissions Engine to automate calculations

Even as finance and business leaders acknowledge the limitations of spreadsheets in managing the complexity of challenges facing their businesses, there is no denying that spreadsheets remain, along with email, the most ubiquitous technology in enterprises. In a new user experience released today, Spiff, the leading sales commission software for forward-thinking revenue and sales organizations, introduced a unique experience that delivers the look and feel of spreadsheets backed by Spiff’s powerful, automated AI-based commissions engine.

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“Spreadsheets are the most important piece of business software introduced because they delivered sophisticated math and logic calculators and, at the same time, served as lightweight databases,” said Jeron Paul CEO and Founder, Spiff. “It’s no wonder that business users, despite the limitations spreadsheets pose in scaling for today’s complicated finance processes, have remained dedicated to the technology.

“This new Spiff experience delivers all the things you love about your spreadsheets, but with a robust processing engine capable of managing in real-time the thousands of commission plans that exist at your company. Our customers understand that commissions have become far too complex to manage with spreadsheets, but they’ve also spoken and made clear what they love about the technology.”

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Part of the new, material experience of Spiff’s Designer tool include:

  • Interactive table experience gives users the ability to engage with the data table similarly to how they’re used to interacting with a spreadsheet. From column reordering to inputting formulas down to individual cell levels – the entire experience has been re-imagined to be more familiar.
  • Payout rule creation allows users to create calculated fields right within the dataview. This streamlines the process of plan creation by simplifying the process of creating new fields and allows for a more spreadsheet-like workflow when designing or modifying commission plans.
  • Cell-level function grants a user the same function assist drop down menus found within the formula bar, but within specific cells within the Dataview. This enables faster workflows when designing commission plans, while simultaneously keeping the same functionality that users may be used to.

“I don’t dread doing commissions anymore,” says David Ma, Head of GTM Ops & Strategy at Zip. “Spiff is so much easier and cleaner than other solutions I’ve tried. It’s UX and design-led. That’s hard to put a price on, but it can change your entire mindset. Nobody loves calculating commissions, but when the software is delightful to use, the process becomes bearable. I believe in Spiff’s vision more than their competitors’.”

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