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Toluna Continues to Build Momentum and Adoption of its End-to-End Real-Time Consumer Insights Platform

Toluna Announces Industry’s First Automated Real-Time Solution for Testing In-Store Product Shelf Placement

Toluna, the leading provider of consumer insights for the on-demand economy, has launched PowerShelf. PowerShelf is a fully automated, do-it-yourself (“DIY”) real-time shelf testing solution that provides brands and retailers with actionable feedback on the impact that shelf placement has on consumer attention to products in the store. PowerShelf is accessible within TolunaInsights, the industry’s only end-to-end automated consumer insights platform.

The launch of PowerShelf signals the success of Toluna’s focus on providing automated digital solutions, a strategy that has paid off with significant revenue growth and global platform adoption. For the first half of 2018, Toluna reports 60% increase in revenue growth YOY of its technology platform, and record revenue increases across all markets.

TolunaInsights is the industry’s only end-to-end automated platform where audiences, surveys, communities, and analytics are completely integrated and powered by on-demand insights, and behavioral data from Toluna’s community of 21+ million influencers worldwide. Toluna’s platform-based approach provides significant time and cost-savings, without sacrificing quality or confidence in decision-making, as Toluna’s expertise is integrated into the platform.

PowerShelf is one of Toluna’s many automated methodologies designed to expedite the time from ideation to understanding, with fully automated solutions that enable users to test branding, product, package design, concepts, media and advertising concepts; gather insights on consumer attitudes and purchase behavior; and understand how consumers view their brand compared to competitors, all in real-time.

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Phil Ahad
Phil Ahad

PowerShelf enables brands and retailers to test products in a simulated in-store environment. The shelf is an important point of consideration for marketers, given it’s a critical touch point within the buyer’s journey and one that’s become ever more competitive. PowerShelf’s intuitive and automated survey creation process, coupled with its industry-proven methodology, empowers users to run tests to understand how best to position products on a shelf, evaluate shelf design overall, and more.

“Toluna’s focus on automation, coupled with unrivaled expertise that’s incorporated into all aspects of our platform, and powered by our global community of influencers, is completely transforming the way companies obtain insight today,” said Phil Ahad, EVP, Head of Products and Strategy at Toluna.

Phil added, “PowerShelf is another example of how we empower clients to access consumer insights faster than ever and use those insights to make critical business decisions. As an industry-leading research technology provider, we’ve innovated ahead of the curve, and this year we’re doubling down on that investment in innovation to push forward our insights on-demand offering.”

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